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RIFT Is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary This Week With QR-Code Powered Event

RIFT players who noted that last week's 10th anniversary went by without much fanfare will be interested to see that the developers are marking the occassion this week with a gift-laden scavenger hunt.

Gamigo Clarifies RIFT's Status, Stating It Will 'Continue Working On The Title' Amid Concerns Over MMO's Future

Gamigo has clarified its stance regarding the MMO RIFT after a week of speculation about the MMORPG's future.

Gamigo Lays Off RIFT Developers, Though Stresses MMORPG Will Continue [UPDATED]

It looks like the Gamigo purge from two weeks ago isn't seemingly over, as it's been learned Gamigo has laid off an "unspecified" amount of RIFT developers, though stresses that the MMO is continuing.

Rift Battle Pass Season 3 Now Underway

The Rift Season 3 Battle Pass is live now. Here's the scoop.

RIFT Valentines Day Contest Underway

A creative contest is underway in RIFT to kick off Valentines Day celebrations.

Rift Patch Notes Provide Minor Fixes

The latest Rift patch notes provide some minor fixes for some good old fashion bug squashing.

Fae Yule Returns to Rift in Latest Patch

Fae Yule returns to Rift in the latest patch, along with tweaks to several classes.

Rift Development Has Not Stopped, Says Gamigo Community Manager

A community manager for Rift has assured the community that development for the game has not stopped.

RIFT Patch Notes Include Cleric Ability Fixes, PvP, More

RIFT patch notes outline several changes and fixes coming to the MMO, including fixes to Cleric abilities, PvP, and more.

Rift Team Has Plans for More Incremental Content Releases Over Big Expansions

The Rift forum has a new post from the gamigo development team that lays out their plans for content releases going forward. In the past, the letter begins, players have had to wait up to two years for a large expansion. Going forward, however, the goal is for more incremental content releases. This includes dungeons, raids, quests and levels coming to players more quickly. This also means that class balancing, callings, souls, abilities and items will also roll out over time.

Today's Rift PTS Event Will Net You 100,000 Loyalty

Feeling a bit short in the Loyalty department in Rift? If so, today's public test shard event will net you 100,000 for your participation. The event is as a result of the test environment's migration to Google's cloud service and devs would like a hand "testing basic server functionality for a couple of hours". The testing opportunity begins at 2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern.

Battle Pass Season 1 Goes Live in Rift

The Rift forums have been updated with the patch notes from today's update that includes the new Battle Pass Season 1 where players can "progress through 30 levels to claim rewards". Free players can take part in four daily missions and three random weekly missions to progress through the Battle Pass reward ranks. Patrons can participate in six daily missions and three random weekly missions to earn rewards.

Rift Devs Detail the Upcoming Battle Pass

A couple of weeks ago, the Rift team posted a cryptic Twitter message asking players what they'd like to see in the battle pass, all without any information about what that actually might be. Today, the Rift site has been updated with the first information about what the battle pass is. It includes 30 levels in season one that are accomplished by completing daily and weekly quests. Players can earn rewards for free, by purchasing the Premium pack for $10 or being a Patron.

Rift is Celebrating Its 8th Annual Carnival of the Ascended

Rift is celebrating its 8th birthday with the annual Carnival of the Ascended celebration. Players will find a number of carnival games and special items that include mounts, essences, costumes, pets, consumables and titles that can be purchased with special currency earned during the event. In addition, the Enclave of Ahnket expert dungeon has made its arrival in today's 4.8 update.

Gamigo to Introduce a 'Battle Pass' to Rift -- But No One Knows What That Means

The Rift Twitter has a mysterious new post saying that "The Battle Pass is coming soon!" However, there is no further information about what exactly that means for the game, though the tweet goes on to ask what players "wish to see". Respondents in the Twitter thread are rather snarkily responding that, with more information, they might have a few suggestions.