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Rift Articles

Our Rift Prime Q&A with Producer Chris 'Archonix' Junior

Last week Trion Worlds announced Rift Prime servers sparking a lot of curiosity and questions. We gathered some of your thoughts a long with ours and are very grateful Archonix took the time to respond.

Next Expansion, The Starfall Prophecy, Announced

Rift is set to get a brand new full expansion. Called The Starfall Prophecy, the expansion comes with a level cap increase to 70, five new zones, new dungeons, a new raid (post launch), new Legendary abilities that fundamentally alter how souls play, the Planar Fragment system, Planar Assault instances, Fortress Sieges, and loads more.

On Waking Nightmares and Gamescom Teases

Chris Junior took over the Game Director role for Rift back in December of 2014 right around the 3.0 launch for Nightmare Tide. Since then, the Trion Worlds team has been plugging away on content to lead players onward through the murky dark waters of the expansion. We caught up with Chris to talk about the most recent patch, Waking Nightmares, and what we can expect to hear about at Gamescom this year.

The Nightmare Tide is Coming In

After two long years of waiting, Trion has finally pulled back the curtain on what’s next for RIFT: Nightmare Tide. Announced during this week’s State of the Game letter, Executive Producer Bill Fisher tantalized fans with hints of what’s to come. With a few hints under our belt, we sat down with Bill, as well as a Lead Content Designer, Mike Daugherty, and Community Manager, Eric “Ocho” Cleaver, to talk about just what players can expect from Nightmare Tide.

Going Free to Play June 12th

Trion Worlds is ready to rock the MMO-niverse with today's announcement that Rift is officially going free to play with no restrictions, no pay gates, nothing that bars a player from experiencing the game in its totality. We caught up to Creative Director Bill Fisher to find out more. Rock your world and then head to the comments with your reactions.

PAX Prime 2012 - Chatting with Scott Hartsman

During PAX Prime, we managed to corral Rift Executive Producer Scott Hartsman for a chat about the upcoming Storm Legion expansion. We found out lots about cross-faction grouping and about "dimensions", Rift's unique brand of housing. Check it out before leaving your comments.

Trion has its Eyes on a Conquest

Trion Worlds is ready to unleash Conquest to all Rift players. We had the opportunity for a roundtable discussion with Trion's Scott Hartsman and Hal Hanlin to talk about Conquest and what it brings to the game. Check it out!

Conquest - Open World, Three Faction PvP

Trion Worlds and the Rift team introduced a brand new way of playing the game today: Conquest! These bad boys are talking about open world, cross server, three faction PvP mayhem. See what we discovered about Rift's new Conquer system and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Trion & Rift in 2012

With today's exciting news about Trion Worlds' financial health as well as this weekend's Return to Rift event, we wanted to find out more about what 2012 has in store. We had the opportunity to chat with Scott Hartsman about what the future holds both for Rift and for Trion Worlds. Read on and enjoy!

Ashes of History Preview

The Rift v1.5 "Ashes of History" update is scheduled to hit the game sometime next week. It's an ambitious update with a lot of new content. MMORPG.com Associate Editor Suzie Ford had the privilege of sitting in a a roundtable discussion about Ashes and she's got the full report. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Gamescom - What's Up with 1.5?

During last week's Gamescom, MMORPG.com's John Milburn had the opportunity to check out a special Rift presentation about the upcoming 1.5 patch, a patch that is set to bring some interesting new features into the game. Check out John's report on the presentation liberally peppered with questions about some of the features. Keep reading!

Trion Worlds Talks Gamescom: A 3-in-1 Interview

As the world prepares for the annual Gamescom to be held in Cologne, Germany, MMORPG.com Managing Editor Bill Murphy caught up with Adam Gershowitz, David Luehmann and Rob Hill to talk about what we might possibly expect to be shown during the convention for Rift, End of Nations and Defiance. Keep reading to see what secrets Bill ferreted out and then let us know what you think!

The Future of Rift: A Q&A With Scott Hartsman

Managing Editor Bill Murphy sat in on a telephone press conference with Executive Producer of Trion's flagship title Rift, Scott Hartsman. An upcoming Producer's Letter, set to be hosted on the game's official forums, was the main topic of discussion as Bill and a conference call of his peers addressed with Scott some of Rift's plans moving forward.

The Lore Behind v1.3 Q&A

The v1.3 Rift update will bring some impressive new features online and that's all well and fine. But it's the story and its continuance that the Hammerknell dungeon and the Waves of Madness live event bring to the game that piques one's interest. MMORPG.com Managing Editor had the opportunity to sit down with Lore Leads Nicholas McDowell and Morgan Lockhart to talk about the lore behind the update.

Patch 1.3 Interview with Hal Hanlin

MMORPG.com Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller recently managed to corner Rift Design Producer Hal Hanlin to talk about the forthcoming v1.3 Rift patch. The pair covered topics from Hammerknell to the Waves of Madness live events and more. Keep reading!