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Storm Legion Expansion Coming to Prime Servers This Fall

Trion Worlds has announced that the "beloved Storm Legion expansion" is coming to Rift Prime later this fall. "Stand against the maelstrom of Crucia's evil forces as they attempt to utilize the power of the Infinity Gate to conquer the Steppes of Infinity".

Latest Update Letter Details Plans for the Summer for Live & Prime

The Rift site has been updated with a lengthy post to lay out developers' plans for Rift through the summer of 2018. The post reveals plans for both Live and Prime servers. The letter begins with updates that have been deployed since the spring update including balance changes and other content patches.

Players Being Offered Weeklong Prime Trial

From now through June 7th, Trion Worlds is offering a 7-day free trial on the Rift Prime progression server. It is unclear who can claim the offer, though it is probable that it is on offer to those who are or have been Patron members in the past. Players can download and try the game for a week's worth of time without any restrictions on the account.

Vigil Update Reduces XP Required Per Level from 30-49

From levels 30 to 49, Rift: Prime Vigil players will not have to gain as much experience in order to level up. The reductions are smaller on the lower end of the span, with a higher XP reduction closer to 49. In addition, developers feel that soul changes deployed last week have met with success and that more callings and souls are being played throughout the game.

Trion to Add Prime: Omega PTS as Early as Today

If you're a Rift Prime player who's dying to try new things out before they hit the live Prime server, you'll be pleased to hear that Trion is adding a public test server in the near future. According to the post on the Rift site, the plan is to release the Prime: Omega sometime today. The team will update "forums and socials when it spins up".

Trion Heralds Prime's First Month as a 'Rousing Success'

Trion Worlds has sent out word that Rift Prime's first month of subscription-only play was a "rousing success". Players completed more than five million quests and "tens of thousands of dungeons". Rift Prime is not only subscription-only, but is a progression server that sees content rolled out over time. In fact, in the coming weeks, Prime players will be able to take part in the first-ever raid on the server to face off against Greenscale.

Next Round of Prime Challenges Begins April 8th

Players on the Rift Prime server will be able to start on the next round of Prime Challenges starting April 8th and will have until May 17th to complete some of all of the three challenges. There is a PvE challenge, a PvP challenge and one for collectors.

Quality of Rift Prime Life

Rift Prime is three weeks old tomorrow and in today’s Prime Progression report we get up close and personal about the QOL (quality of life) aspects of Vigil.

Is Prime Really a Vanilla Server? Tastefully, the Answer is No

On Wednesday March 7th, Trion Worlds launched their first Rift Prime progression server. Excitement was extreme as everyone braced for servers to unlock, the sheer amount of players pouring into starter zones like it was 2011 all over again adding even more buzz. I’ve been there daily since and this is the first Prime progression report from Telara.

Prime Server Launches - Time to Go Back to the Future

Is the future of Rift one that takes its players to the past? With today's launch of Rift Prime, the new limited time subscription-only version of the game as it was at launch, we'll know soon enough. Prime is a fresh-start server with a subscription-only revenue model that will progress at an accelerated pace and will offer "players an alternative way to experience the game". In addition, the in-game shop has been greatly reduced to cosmetic goods and services only.

Prepare for Prime

On Friday Trion Worlds announced that the much-anticipated Rift Prime server will be named Vigil, giving folks the opportunity to put a much heated response for other choices to rest. Immediately focus shifted to getting prepared for Prime. Are you ready?

Prime Server Q&A Wrap Report

Late last week, Trion devs participated in a Rift Prime server Q&A and we've got the wrap report from the event. If you've been wondering how the whole Prime thing will be going down when it launches on March 7th, be sure to check it out.

Prime Progression Server to Launch on March 7th

Trion Worlds has announced that the subscription-only Rift Prime server will be launching on March 7th. As announced last month, the Prime server will "return us to the launch of Rift" when the cap was level 50 and at a time without boosts, supply crates, no equipment or bags in the Store and more. "This is the world of Rift before free-to-play".

Our Rift Prime Q&A with Producer Chris 'Archonix' Junior

Last week Trion Worlds announced Rift Prime servers sparking a lot of curiosity and questions. We gathered some of your thoughts a long with ours and are very grateful Archonix took the time to respond.

Producer's Letter Introduces Rift Prime, a Subscription Based  Progression Server

The latest producer's letter has been published on the Rift site to take a look back at the accomplishments in 2017 as well as to introduce a new server type called "Rift Prime". These servers will see players start fresh and will feature both a subscription revenue model and progression advancement through the game's expansions and content. There will be no lockboxes, a "significantly reduced store" and more current store items available through game play.