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Has an MMO Inspired You to Take Action in Real Life? | One Good Roll

Steven has recently been inspired by an MMO to step away from his computer for a fresh new experience in real life. Read about his experience and then hop into the comments and tell us about how games have inspired you!

Riders Republic is 'Not Abandoned' - Gives Community Update on What's to Come

The team behind Riders Republic wants players to know that the game is far from abandoned, and that they have some solid plans for the future. Check out what's coming up in the May update.

Riders Republic Experiencing Server and Service Issues During Free Play Weekend

Riders Republic has had a bummer weekend after the servers began to crash intermittently during their free play weekend. What started as a simple disconnection issue has now become a full-blown service-related problem that prohibits players from creating photos of player creations, and has disabled opponents during solo event runs.

Riders Republic Review: An Intense Experience for the Rider in Us All

Ubisoft's love letter to Steep fans manages to provide an MMORPG unlike any we've seen before. There is no question that Ubisoft Annecy knows how to make an exciting extreme sports game, but after dozens of hours of playing, one question beckons. Does an extreme sports game need to be massively multiplayer?

Riders Republic: Review in Progress - The Good and The Bad

It is official Riders Republic has launched, and Riders Ridge is full of racers, tricksters, and even a few dragons and unicorns. With a full review barreling down the mountain, this prelude will detail what Steven has liked so far, and what has been a nuisance.

Massively Multiplayer Sports Game Riders Republic Is Out Today

Riders Republic, Ubisoft's extreme sports MMO, has released today across PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The massively multiplayer game places players in a massive playground where they can ski, bike, snowboard, and more against each other.

Riders Republic is the Best Extreme Sports Multiplayer Online Game by a Steep Margin

Whether you're an old fan of extreme sports like myself, or you've just been cooped up in the house too long over the course of the ongoing pandemic, Riders Republic provides a virtual breath of fresh air to the MMORPG genre. In Riders Republic you'll be able to take to the air, the trails, and some fresh powder with a series of extreme activities, but not everything is a shredders paradise. Check out our beta impressions.

Riders Republic Open Beta Running Now Through August 28th

Ubisoft's massively multiplayer sports title, Riders Republic, has opened its beta up to all players on multiple platforms, running starting today through August 28th.

Riders Republic Beta Starts This Week - But Don't Expect to See It if You Weren't Invited

Riders Republic is headed to closed beta this week, with nearly two months left before the game is set to release. Players who have signed up for the beta should expect to have their invites in-hand by now, as preload has started. If you didn't get into the beta, and hoped to see the extreme sports-themed MMO on streams and videos later, think again, as all players in next week's beta test will be under a strict NDA.

Riders Republic Beta Begins August 23rd to the 25th - Email Invitations on the Way Soon

During E3 earlier this year, Riders Republic made a splash with its exciting extreme sports themed MMORPG. Those interested in hitting some fresh powder, or gliding through the sky in a wing suit, won't have too much longer to wait, as long as they signed up for the Beta.

Riders Republic Delayed Again - Until October 28th

If you've been patiently waiting to get your extreme on in Riders Republic, you'll have to wait a little bit longer for Ubisoft's open world multiplayer sports playground. Originally planned to release on September 2nd, Ubisoft will delay the game until October 28th in order to ensure the best possible experience.

E3 2021: Here's 5 Minutes Of Riders Republic Gameplay, Ubisoft's Sports MMO Which Releases On September 2nd

From the developers of Steep, Riders Republic will be bringing its sports MMO playground to PC, Xbox, PlayStation consoles, as well as Google Stadia and Amazon Luna on September 2nd.

See More of Riders Republic - Ubisoft's Extreme Sports MMO, During Ubisoft Forward Event June 12th

For those that haven't heard of Riders Republic, it is a different kind of MMO than what some may be used to. You may not carry a sword or sling magic spells, but that doesn't mean that you won't vanquish your foes with a little bit of razzle dazzle. Riders Republic will take players outside (virtually) so that they can bike, snowboard, ski, or fly through the air with a wingsuit, in an open world, or in solo or PvP matches.