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Riders of Icarus Articles

Hands On with Rift of the Damned

Rift of the Damned, Riders of Icarus’ next big content update is set to drop on September 28th. Along with a whole new zone, new quests, a new dungeon, and new mounts it’ll also raise the level cap to 40, putting the NA version of the game one step closer to its Korean forebear. We’ve been dabbling with a level 40 Berserker on the test server and saw a lot of the new content in the process.

Day One of Head Start

I’ve said before that Riders of Icarus from Nexon and WeMade is a solid, if standard, MMORPG. I’ve spent some more time with the game since it hit Open Beta Head Start, and I can’t help feeling that I’m starting to really enjoy myself. Read on for our early impressions of the “release build” for Nexon’s latest imported MMO.

Closed Beta 3 Thoughts

W’ve been dabbling in the closed beta of Riders of Icarus since its first iteration. Each time, Nexon’s latest MMORPG has improved. But is Riders of Icarus (a port of the popular theme park MMO in Korea called Icarus Online) more than “Just Another Theme Park MMO”? Read on for our early impressions of WeMade Entertainment’s fantasy MMORPG.

Panzer Dragoon Meets MMO

Riders of Icarus is an upcoming free-to-play MMO by game developer WeMade and publisher Nexon. Icarus puts an interesting focus on mounted aerial warfare, reminding me a bit of the Panzer Dragoon game series.