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Riders of Icarus Articles

Riders of Icarus Receives New Publisher VALOFE, Launches New Website

In a press release via Gamasutra, new Riders of Icarus publisher, VOLOFE, promises "big updates" as they launch a new website.

Riders of Icarus Team Cooks Up an Easter Day Event

The Riders of Icarus site has been updated with the news that today marks the start of the Easter Day event. During the event, an NPC Bunny has hidden eggs in Hakanas and eggshells all around the game world. Players are charged with collecting eggshells to exchange for Easter Eggs. A number of monsters also drop Eggshells to help players collect the needed number to complete a variety of quests.

Riders of Icarus Players Can Take Part in St. Patrick's Day Goodness

After today's maintenance, Riders of Icarus players will be able to take part in the annual St. Patrick's Day Event. The special quest line will run from today through March 27th with players sent off on a series of quests to prepare for a parade. Players will earn a special currency that can be traded for a number of items including elixirs, scrolls, and more.

Halloween to Descend into Riders of Icarus on October 25th

The Riders of Icarus site has been updated with the news that the annual Halloween event will be arriving in game on October 25th and will run through November 8th. Players can take part in a number of activities that will yield Pumpkin Candy that can be traded for "amazing rewards".

Riders of Icarus to Expand with Shadows of Turimnan on October 11th

The Riders of Icarus site has been updated with the official patch notes for the Shadows of Turimnan content expansion that is coming to the game on October 11th. Players will be able to explore an entirely new region, achieve a new level cap of 67, find and fight through the Tomb of the Wyrm dungeon and find / tame over fifteen new familiars that can be found throughout the region.

Sponsored A Peek at the Dawn of the Magician Update

The Dawn of the Magician Update will be free to all players as soon as it goes live. Everyone will be able create the all new Magician class ready to tempt you into chaos!

New Magician Class Ports Into Game Along with New Event & Promotion Package

The Riders of Icarus site has been updated with the latest patch notes while the servers are down for maintenance. Once complete, today's Dawn of the Magician update will bring the Magician class into the game and the Race to Glory event as well.

Upcoming Weekend Event to Feature Hourly Giveaways Throughout

If you're a Riders of Icarus player, this weekend is a big one for you with giveaways happening every hour on the hour from June 23rd through June 24th. The official site has a full listing of all the goodies you can get including things like Parna's Wings (3 days), an Adventure Booster 2-pack, the Crusader Redfeather Hatchling mount or a 3-day Devil Mask to name a few.

Rabbini Cup Event Brings the World Cup to Riders

Riders of Icarus has been updated with the news that the Rabbini Cup event has arrived in game. In a way, it brings a bit of the World Cup to riders everywhere. The event allows players to choose the Rabbini that represents the real-world nation they wish to support in order to receive the Country Trophy Booster.

May Brings a Number of Events to Provide Buffs & Daily Rewards

The Riders of Icarus site has been updated with a calendar of events that showcase all that's going on in-game during the month of May. Players can participate in a wide array of activities including PvP, a Dice Event, Motherly Love and more. Each event provides its own set of rewards and buffs. There is also a new slate of daily login rewards.

Development Reignited After Almost A Year

The Riders of Icarus site has been updated with a new developer blog from the Icarus Planning Team that thanks the community for its support even with a lack of development over the past year. Devs reassure everyone that "starting from now, the direction of the development for the game will improve gradually in the coming months so as not to disappoint everyone that has continued to wait and support us".

Nexon Offering a Week's Worth of Awesome Rewards for Returning Players

If you've been out of Riders of Icarus for 60+ days, then you have seven days' worth of incentives to return during the "A Rider Returns" event. From April 19th through May 2nd, returning players who log in for an hour each day will receive a bounty of free items including designer bags, Lucky Boxes, pets, mounts, outfits and two weeks of free Premium Service to name a few.

A Solid, If Overly Familiar, MMO

Riders of Icarus officially leaves early access, err.. I mean leaves Open Beta? If you’re like me, you may be confused by this. I had thought the moment it was available on Steam with various packs to buy with real money that it was live and not in any form of beta. I was wrong and decided to dive in and take a closer look at this free to play MMORPG from Nexon.

After Multiple Beta Events, Launch Day Finally Arrives

Riders of Icarus is finally taking to the skies thanks to the arrival of launch day. After a number of beta events, Nexon America and WeMade Entertainment are ready to unleash the game on Steam or as a digital download.

Trickster Class Introduced in Latest Blog

The Riders of Icarus site has been updated with a look at the forthcoming Trickster class coming to the game as part of the next big content update. The Trickster is part of the Shaling, a race of "gifted young women with exceptional magical talent". They have eternal youth and are packed with destructive magic.