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Revival Articles

Game Development Placed on Indefinite Hold

The Revival team has posted notification on its forums that many hoped they would never see. The game's development has come to an indefinite hold, though unpaid work will continue for a time. Homes will no longer be for sale and any future patches to the current client are 'highly unlikely'.

The Highs & Lows of 2015 Detailed

The latest Revival newsletter has been sent out and is a review of the highs and lows of 2015. Development of Revival slowed a bit as the team was cut back after the loss of some funding but things have continued despite the setback.

See How It's Done in New Housing Decorating Video

The Revival team has put up a great looking new video to show off the robust house decorating abilities that will be prominently featured in the game.

Weekly Newsletter Details Player Tagging And More

The Revival team has posted this week's update with an interesting look at how the game world comes alive through player and NPC "tagging". In addition, several forum topics are highlighted as being of keen interest to the community and a teaser is launched about a day in the life of a caravaneer.

Latest Offline Client Available for Download

The Revival forum has been updated with the latest Stage 1 offline client. The team is excited as this build marks another stepping stone on the march to the completion of Stage 1 of the game's production.

The Importance of Religion

The Revival team has posted a brand new developer diary to introduce fans to the importance of religion in the game when it arrives. Each city will have a pre-defined religion attached to it, but that religion could be altered over time.

Developers Address Offline Client Delay In Newsletter

In the latest newsletter for Revival the lead designer Adam Maxwell has detailed the reasons for delay of the offline client that was stated to be available to players shortly before.

Join the Team for a Special Live Stream Event

The Revival team will be on hand today for a special live stream event on Twitch.tv. Housing will take center stage during the event. Fans can check it all out at 4:00 pm Eastern / 1:00 pm Pacific.