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Helbreath Review

Mark Schembri Posted:
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As far as server run events go, Helbreath provides both PvE and PvP outlets on a weekly basis. The PvE event is dubbed "Apocalypse" and it provides players with both reward and challenge, by bringing in one of the major players in the Helbreath back story. Players venture through a series of PvE zones fighting the denizens there, until ultimately they engage the big bad, himself, Abaddon. To date no players have been able to successfully slay the beast, but many have tried. In addition to the standard PvP zones, such as Middleland, players also have the option to participate in the weekly "Crusade" event of Total War, where the Elvine and the Aresden villages clash in the heat of battle. Unfortunately, due to time difference, I did not get to experience either of these events, but from what I am told, they are quite fast-paced and impressive. Players are assigned rewards for killing enemy players (in the form of Enemy Kill or EK points).

My gameplay experience in Helbreath was enjoyable, but I didn't feel like there was anything ground-breaking in the experience. Helbreath is a game that is not without merit, but in a sea of endless numbers of MMORPGs it does not bring anything new to the table that I can see will drive players to register an account other than perhaps price point. Helbreath offers a free client download and a $10/month (with benefits for paying for additional months in advance) fee to play, relatively cheap compared to the climbing prices of other more well-known MMOs. It appears as though the game does have a niche market and will continue to provide a good balance of gameplay/cost for those players that have not yet bought into the bigger budget competitors' products that are considered more the "mainstream" of today's MMO market.


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Mark Schembri