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Helbreath Review

Mark Schembri Posted:
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Developed by Korean-based Siementech Company, Helbreath International currently has around 5,000 active subscribers at present. In development for about one and a have years, this fantasy-based MMORPG combines both level-based and skill-based advancement systems. Helbreath provides both large scale MMORPG PvE and PvP experiences for players, catering to the two distinct play-styles that encompass the MMORPG market. The development team's vision is that of an epic feel, but does it stack up to the major players currently vying it out for MMOG stardom? In our exclusive review, MMORPG.Com looks for the answer to that question. I had the opportunity to take a tour of the game with two of the Game Masters on the Abaddon server as well as International Business Manager, Rick Shin. Through the course of the walkthrough, I was able to visit several locations in the game as well as participate actively in some of the gameplay features.

The story behind the game isn't the most pleasant of tales, though it started out innocently enough. Two ruler gods of the world of Helbreath, Eldinel and Aresien, established a kinship with humanity. They came down from their elevated plane to join the humans in an event called, the "Descent of the Gods." For many years, the world of Helbreath knew peace. However, as evitably happens with gods, an argument of epic proportions ensued between Eldinel and Aresien. Dubbed the "Prime Event," the quarrel between these ruler gods spiraled the world of Helbreath into chaos of unimaginable proportions. Only one place in all of Helbreath, known as Equilibrium was saved from destructive force of this feud. Shunned by the Divine Power, nature turned against its human inhabitants creating desolation where there was once fertility. The humans reacted to all of this by renewing their devotion to the gods. However, the devotion was split between the god, Eldinel, whose whorshippers were known as the Elvine, and the god, Aresien, whose devotees were known as the Aresden. All the while, further chaos ensued and gave birth to the return of Abaddon, the absolute evil in the land. Taking advantage of the weakened state of humanity, Abaddon unleashed his minions in full force against them. Beginning as a lowly traveler, the player must journey through the world engaging Abaddon's scourge, among other manners of denizens, striving to rid the world of the ancient evil. Furthermore, the player has the opportunity to join on the side of either the Elvine or the Aresden and experience the player versus player element of the game called Total War. Details on Total War will be forthcoming later on in the review.

Character creation was very simplified. For the purposes of the walkthrough, I was given a "maxxed" character, but I also took the opportunity to create a new character to get a feel for what players experienced. Compared, the customizability of the player avatar was limited. A player can select between the following options: gender, hair style, hair color and underwear color. Once in the game proper, however, the player can quest for and purchase items that provide a more unique appearance in comparison to fellow players. For example, a series of quests will allow a player to obtain specialized armors. The statistics involved in the character creation are equally simple. Players chose to assign points to a number of stats which include Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, Intelligence, Magic and Charisma. An interesting aside about the Charisma stat is that it is a determining factor in whether or not a player can found a guild. As a player levels his character, he is able to increase the stats of his chosing. Instead of assigning the stats manually at character creation, new players also have the option of picking a "template" with predefined warrior or mage settings. However, players aren't locked into these templates once gameplay begins due to the fact that they are able to determine how their statistics progress. Later on in the game, the player can also purchase battle or trade skills with coin from NPC trainers. In addition to NPCs, players also are able to manually train their skills at the Barracks in the game. The Barracks, however, are geared to fighter-types and mage characters are left to their own devices in the "Farm" zones.


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