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A Mediocre Experience All Around

David Jagneaux Posted:
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Clearly, the lack of innovation is probably the most damning aspect of Legends of Persia. Granted, an indie game made by a small team cannot be held to the same standards as a big budget game made by a large team, but at the same time expectations for creativity are even higher. With so many unique indie titles releasing all of the time in today’s industry, setting your game apart from the pack is all the more important. Obviously every game can’t reinvent the wheel, but it would have been nice to at least try out some new rims every once in a while.


Legends of Persia runs well, for the most part, and definitely has the general presentation of a well-made indie project. The opening cinematic does a great job of setting the tone and the main menu music is quite catchy. However, this turns out to be a failed attempt to mask the relatively mediocre game beneath the surface. There aren’t really many things to criticize in terms of the game’s level of pure polish, but there isn’t much to commend either.


Thankfully, the developers have a long-term vision in mind. They have pledged to offer a good amount of free content updates post release, which will include new quests, items, and other gameplay additions, perhaps even new characters. Additionally, for Kickstarter backers of a certain tier or higher, the proprietary Simorgh 3D Level Editor that they created themselves for use with the game, will be provided as a standalone program. The developers have also made a commitment to being open and collaborative for modders of the game, which bodes well for the game’s overall future.


Regretfully, the game just isn’t worth the price of admission. While $20 is not much when compared to the $60 larger games cost, but you also have to compare Legends of Persia to similar games in that same price range. Recent releases like Grim Dawn (another Kickstarter success story) are available for $25 and offer a much higher level of entertainment and value, in addition to the fantastic Torchlight 2, which already has an enormous amount of content and a thriving modding community. Furthermore, if you’re not sure about the genre as a whole, the excellent free-to-play Path of Exile is ready for you to download and play on Steam right now.

This isn’t to say that you should absolutely not buy Legends of Persia, but that relatively speaking, it doesn’t really seem to be worth the cash it costs purely from a value perspective in comparison to its peers.


Legends of Persia is not a terrible game – all of its core mechanics and ideas seem to work just fine and supporting indie developers is never a bad thing. However, with its lack of innovation and completely monotonous gameplay system, I cannot help but caution any would-be-players. The game lacks the driving force that keeps you wanting to play and delivers a decidedly mediocre experience all around. At the end of the day, you’d be much better of playing the established and identically priced Torchlight 2, or delving into the free-to-play depths of Path of Exile.

  • Great cutscene art style
  • Interesting story concept
  • Empty environments
  • Lack of depth
  • Repetitive, boring game play

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