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Sponsored The Best Reasons to Check Out Revelation Online

Revelation Online just entered Open Beta, and things are already off to a quick start with thousands of players joining in the “no-more-wipes” test. It’s a herculean task to localize a game like Revelation Online, but one thing that shines through the ongoing process is just how many different features RO has at its disposal to make it intriguing for fans of the MMORPG.

Closed Beta Impressions

Revelation Online is the latest game from My.com, an import of a popular Chinese game from NetEase – a developer known in the west already for its mobile RPGs. The best way to describe Revelation, from our brief time with it, is that it’s an open world MMORPG that bears resemblance to a birthchild of TERA, Aion, and Blade & Soul. It is an odd game, but one that’s proving fun in its first few hours.