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Revelation Online's Battle for Voras Delayed

But the Cross-Server Auction House is coming soon!

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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Unfortunate news for Revelation Online  fans, the upcoming update 'Battle for Voras' is being officially delayed.

The Community Update today announced the sad news and gives a little more explanation as to why they have decided to delay this update.

"We have worked diligently to test and fix issues with this mode over the time it took since the launch (and before the release) of Skyward World to now, but sadly we still encounter errors that we cannot fix by ourselves. We continue to communicate with NetEase on these issues, but sadly our colleagues are still struggling to find and identify the cause."

The announcement lists 7 issues that they are facing which are preventing the timely release of Battle for Voras. These issues include: Curiosity quests related to Voras cannot be completed, the Season opening time does not open correctly and thus the event must be started manually, and NPCS, Teleports and objective points do not appear on the Voras map.

In some good news, the announcement also adds that the Cross-Server Auction House feature is nearly complete, and more details will be revealed in the coming week ahead of its release. As a Thank You for fans' support, there is a free bundle that players can claim on the MY.GAMES Market. In other news, you can check out the new patch that lets players exchange scrap items for new items.


Garrick Durham-Raley

Garrick is a doting father of two and devoted husband. When he's not busy playing Final Fantasy XIV, he can usually be found drifting between a dozen different MMOs. His favorite game of all time is Diablo II and he is unironically excited for Diablo Immortal.