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Revelation Online Articles

Demonic War is Live in Revelation Online with City of the Demon Gods, New Guild Raid and More

Revelation Online's new major update is live today, and it is a big one with a new dungeon, new guild raid, cosmetics, and plenty of loot.

Revelation Online is headed for Demonic War in October

Revelation Online will launch a Demonic War update in October featuring new raid content, a new PvP mode, cosmetics, and more.

Revelation Online's Halloween Event is Live

You too can celebrate Halloween in Revelation Online as their Halloween Trick or Treat is now live.

Revelation Online's Treasure Hunt is Back

The treasure hunt has returned to Revelation Online giving you the chance to earn tickets and turn them in for some rewards.

A Treasure Hunt is Underway In Revelation Online

A treasure hunt is currently underway in Revelation Online and will run through September 18, giving you plenty of time to earn coins and grab gifts.

Revelation Online Provides Update on Battle for Voras Issues and Pricing

The Revelation Online team have provided an update in the official Discord on the issues with Battle For Voras. Here's the latest update.

Revelation  Online Treasure Hunt Underway Through August 14

A treasure hunt is currently underway in Revelation Online through August 14. Here's what you need to know.

Revelation Online Provides Update on Battle for Voras Issues

Remember the Battle for Voras issues we reported on plaguing Revelation Online? Well, it looks like those issues have persisted as per a new update from the team.

Revelation Online's Battle for Voras Suffering Issues

If the Discord message is anything to go by, it looks like Revelation Online's Battle for Voras is encountering some issues.

Revelation Online Outlines Server vs Server Battles

The Revelation Online team has outlined additional events in the ongoing Battle for Voras, featuring a bunch of daily and weekly events.

You Can Schedule Your Wedding in Revelation Online

You can now schedule your own wedding in Revelation Online, provided you meet certain requirements.

Revelation Online Outlines Cross Server Features

Cross-server features were part of the latest Revelation Online community update.

Revelation Online Posts Status Update on Battle for Voras

Revelation Online has given a status update as to the progress for Battle for Voras, following last week's announcement that it was not functioning, as well as some news on other upcoming Cross-Server features.

Revelation Online's Battle for Voras Delayed

Unfortunate news for Revelation OnlineĀ  fans, the upcoming update 'Battle for Voras' is being officially delayed, announced in a Community Update earlier today.

Treasure Hunt Underway in Revelation Online Until Thursday

A treasure hunt is currently underway in Revelation Online, and is set to run through Thursday, June 11.