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Frostkeep Studios Reveals New Game Modes for Rend

Suzie Ford Posted:
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As part of its commitment to the Rend community, Frostkeep Studios has revealed a pair of new game modes that have landed on its PTR. Class and Exploration modes will offer players different ways to experience the game. In Classic, players will fight others for dominance through PvP activities. Exploration, however, provides a "pure PvE experience" to allow players to range about the world to uncover every nook and cranny.

The two new modes have come about via community request and are considered completely separate from the original game mode that has been renamed "Faction War: Ascension". Neither will include spirit collection and Reckonings in an effort to "promote uninterrupted gameplay on persistent 60-player servers".

The new modes, Classic and Exploration, will unshackle the world of Rend for players, delivering open-ended gameplay free from pre-established factions and shielded strongholds. Players will be free to weave their own solitary tale in Rend as they encounter other players, deciding whether to remain independent or work collaboratively.

Learn more on the Rend site.


Suzie Ford

Suzie is the former Associate Editor and News Manager at MMORPG.com. Follow her on Twitter @MMORPGMom