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Frostkeep Studios Announces Rend Will Sunset on January 31

In a new letter to their community, Frostkeep Studios have announced that Rend will be sunset on January 31.

Rend Blasts Out of Early Access & Into Full Release After Today's Update

Frostkeep Studios promised its community that Rend would not live in early access in perpetuity. Today, developers are keeping that promise with the game blasting out of early access and into full release. The team has not only kept its word about leaving early access in record time, but has done so after 50+ game patches and nine major content updates, the latest of which is launching today in celebration of full retail release.

Rend Team Details Coming Crafting Changes Based on Community Feedback

The Rend site has been updated with a number of big changes coming to the crafting system that are all based on community feedback. While crafting is necessary, developers want it to be fun too. During Early Access testing, the community has suggested a number of ways to make crafting "easier to use, faster to master, and altogether a more enjoyable experience". The blog lays out the most significant changes.

Responding to Player Feedback, Rend Devs Detail Upcoming Combat Changes

The Rend site has been updated with a new developer blog post to lay out some of the changes to combat that players can expect in the upcoming weeks and months. Citing player feedback as the driving force behind the changes, Frostkeep is planning to make combat "feel more impactful and visceral" and to make "weapons feel good" in order to make Rend's combat "competitive with other multiplayer shooters".

Frostkeep Studios Reveals New Game Modes for Rend

As part of its commitment to the Rend community, Frostkeep Studios has revealed a pair of new game modes that have landed on its PTR. Class and Exploration modes will offer players different ways to experience the game. In Classic, players will fight others for dominance through PvP activities. Exploration, however, provides a "pure PvE experience" to allow players to range about the world to uncover every nook and cranny.

Rend Early Access Preview

Frostkeep Studios was founded in 2016 by several veteran game developers to create something new and entertaining. Their first offering to the world of video games is Rend. An open world survival type game with crafting, PvP, taming and classes focusing on teamwork and ranged fighting. This is our Rend review.

Rend Team Details Development Milestones for the Balance of 2018 & Into 2019

Frostkeep Studios developers have posted an updated roadmap for Rend that marks key milestones they're aiming to achieve throughout the balance of 2018 and into early 2019. Players can look forward to more information about "comprehensive combat improvements, streamlined features, legendary artifacts, dynamic siege combat and refined social mechanics".

PAX Exclusive: Talking Rend Gameplay & New Content with Frostkeep Studios

I was able to meet up with three members of the Rend team at PAX West recently. We sat down and talked about Rend - the ideas behind gameplay mechanics, current issues facing the game and their possible solutions, as well as a small sneak peek at some not-yet-seen content that will be coming soon.

Rend -  Three Reasons to Try this Survival Game

Check out three reasons why WE thing that Rend is the survival game YOU should try!

Early Access Begins - Join Up for $29.99

Rend has officially entered Steam Early Access. Players who would like a chance to take part can do so for $29.99. Rend features three factions and team-based gameplay in order to survive against all comers. Players will find RPG mechanics, faction combat, and survival elements.

Playing Around in the Three Faction Warfare Sandbox

Rend is an interesting game any way you slice it. It’s not entirely an MMORPG, as it’s still limited to the smaller numbers of players like Conan Exiles, ARK, and so forth. And yet, the developers at Frostkeep so clearly want to make it very much like the classic three-faction game, Dark Age of Camelot - if DAOC had a baby with the survival genre. And that, it turns out, may just be creating some magic.

Alpha Expanding with New Servers & Invites Coming July 20th

The Rend site has been updated with the exciting news that more alpha invites are coming soon along with new servers. The current servers will be wiped right after the next wave of invites is sent on July 20th. This also provides "tabula rasa" for "the many features and game changes that are scheduled for early next week".

Early Access for Rend Begins on July 31st

The online Survival RPG that wants to be less sucky than the rest is due to hit Steam's Early Access in just 20 days on July 31st. Check out the release date trailer and more past the break.

Latest Developer Blog Reveals Updated Map & the Importance of Testing

Frostkeep has updated the Rend page with a new developer diary that thanks players for their input which has led directly to significant changes over the course of six alpha patches. In addition, devs show off an updated map that has seen the faction base moved to a new location as well as updates on the "relative size, shape, and difficulty of the Stagwood". These changes were made to provide players with "important gameplay and testing benefits".

Controlling Control Points in a Controlling Kind of Way

The Rend site has been updated with a new blog post to talk about control points, a new feature that has been deployed in the most recent alpha game update. With nine "ancient relics", i.e. control points, up for grabs, teams will have to think strategically as they take them to earn "a steady source of spirits, research sparks and the chance for artifact items while held".