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50% More Cash Awaits Legendary Bounties in Red Dead Online This Week

By Poorna Shankar on November 27, 2019 | News | 0

Ten legendary bounties are doling out 50% more cash in Red Dead Online this week.

25% more character and role XP for all Licensed Bounty Hunters, plus a 25% discount on the Bounty Wagon are also available.

Collectors who find the Feldspar Arrowhead, Endicott Diamond Earring and Emmeline Coral Earring can complete the Foundation Collection for Madam Nazar this week, who’s also offering Collectors a 25% discount on items she has up for sale.

A 25%  discount on all items sold by Fences, ongoing Twitch Prime benefits such as a free Bounty Hunter License and an additional 10% off this week’s discounted items, free collectible Tarot cards for PlayStation Plus players, and more are also up for grabs. Learn more here.


Poorna Shankar

A highly opinionated avid PC gamer, Poorna blindly panics with his friends in various multiplayer games, much to the detriment of his team. Constantly questioning industry practices and a passion for technological progress drive his love for the video game industry. He pulls no punches and tells it like he sees it. He runs a podcast, Gaming The Industry, with fellow writer, Joseph Bradford, discussing industry practices and their effects on consumers.