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Red Dead Online Articles

Red Dead Online Hits Maintenance Mode As Rockstar Shifts Resources To GTA 6

Red Dead Redemption 2's online mode, Red Dead Online, has been put into maintenance mode as Rockstar announces the entry will no longer receive large, sweeping content updates moving forward. Instead the team is shifting resources to support the next major title in their library, Grand Theft Auto 6.

Enjoy Tricks, Treats, and Some Masked Halloween Horrors in Red Dead Online This Week

Red Dead Online's Halloween kicks off this week with some new challenges, double XP and gold, and some spooky masks and rewards.

Red Dead Online's Call To Arms Adds Double Currency And Experience Rewards

Red Dead Online's latest update sees players able to earn double the rewards in survival modes. Rockstar announced earlier today that players should see an uptick in RDO$ and XP handed out for Call to Arms.

Grab Double Rewards in Red Dead Online's Crimes Missions

This week, you can take advantage of double rewards for certain Crime missions in Red Dead Online. We've got the latest.

Red Dead Online Blood Money Contracts Get Double XP This Week

Double XP rewards are in the cards this week in Red Dead Online for Blood Money contracts. Here's what you need to know.

Win Double Rewards for Camp and Homestead Robberies in Red Dead Online

Earn double rewards for Camp and Homestead robberies across Red Dead Online this week.

Red Dead Online Receives New Call to Arms Survival Mode

Call to Arms is the newest mode hitting Red Dead Online this week as it saunters onto the wild west.

Jewels of the West Begins in Red Dead Online

The Blood Money adventures continue in Red Dead Online as Jewels of the West heats up in Rhodes this week.

Jewels of the West Opportunities Arrive in Red Dead Online This Week

Jewels of the West Opportunities arrives this week as a part of Red Dead Online: Blood Money with The Ember of the East. Read on for more details.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Receives DLSS and Blood Money Update

Blood Money is the latest update for Red Dead Online, while the game overall receives Nvidia's DLSS technology. Details below.

Red Dead Online Features Hired Gun Rewards This Week

Hired Gun rewards are the big payouts this week in Red Dead Online, along with the usual discounts and bonuses. These are the details for what's going in the Wild West this week.

Grab Rank Up Bonuses in Red Dead Online This Week

If you're an entrepreneur in Red Dead Online, you may just like this week's update. And yes, discounts, rank up bonuses, and more are included.

Collector Bonuses and More in Red Dead Online This Week

Red Dead Online this week features Collector's bonuses, discounts, and much more. Here's what's in store in the Wild West.

Bounty Hunters Win Big in Red Dead Online This Week

Bounty Hunters score big this week in Red Dead Online. Plus, take advantage of double XP, discounts, and much more in the Wild West this week.

Compete in 8 New Races in Red Dead Online

If you like racing around your horse in Red Dead Online, you might be pleased with this week's update. Eight new races are yours for the taking along with discounts and more. Here's what you can expect out there on the frontier.