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Rebel Galaxy Overview

Rebel Galaxy is a sci-fi sandbox adventure game with RPG elements. The developers call it a "swashbuckling space adventure" and emphasize the edge of space, rebel quality to the game, drawing inspiration from such things as the TV series Firefly and space operas. The game isn't just a sandbox, not a strategy game, and not just a shooter it's a blend of genres that lets you choose how you wish to play. Will you be a pirate? Will you salvage and trade? As hinted at in the title, rebellion in some form is encouraged in this universe, which will let players buy and fly seasoned ships, meet many new characters, and make decisions that impact the procedurally generated world they're in.

  • Be a Space Rebel | Part adventure, part RPG, part space opera. You get to decide how you will play this sandbox game, but swashbuckling, roguishness, and exploration encouraged.
  • Explore the Galaxy, Make it Work for You | Rebel Galaxy sets you in your own procedurally generated sandbox game, letting your explore as you wish, set up trade, steal, and even meet all sorts of characters and make decisions that will have a real impact on you and your entire experience.
  • Get Talking | Rebel Galaxy's RPG style elements encourage conversations with NPCs you meet all over the galaxy, and maybe even as you plan to double cross them. You can develop relationships with in-game factions, further impacting play. Whether you're a pirate, trader, or simple snarky space cowboy, you can choose how to approach the game's story and characters.