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Realm of the Mad God Overview

Realm of the Mad God is a Flash-based free-to-play MMO from Wild Shadow Studios featuring co-op play focusing players on finding and defeating Oryx the Mad God. Along the way, players have but to survive by killing monsters, taking their stuff, and leveling up. Oh, yeah, and there’s permadeath.

Players start by rolling one of the basic classes for a character, and then begin the level trek to 20, currently the game’s level cap. Advanced characters are unlocked by reaching level 20 with a basic character. For example, to unlock the Mystic class, players must first reach level 20 with the Huntress and Necromancer classes. This adds a unique game element to the MMO genre that perhaps only Realm of the Mad God has.

Once your character dies, player must roll another one if they wish to continue. Achievements and Fame Ranks come to the players who manage to keep a character alive long enough. Characters who make it level 20 may take on The Mad God himself!


  • Permadeath! | Once your character dies, it stays dead. Roll another one.
  • Co-op multiplayer | Real-time action combat in a world of thousands of allies and enemies.
  • Defeat Oryx | But first, players must see that their character survives combat against a host of quest bosses, including Skull Shrines, Cube Gods, Penteracts, the Grand Sphinx, and the Lord of the Lost Lands.
  • Dozen Dungeons | Defeating enough monsters of a certain type may open a dungeon, of which there are 12 in all, such as Forbidden Jungle, Undead Lair, Tomb of the Ancients, and more.
  • Helpful Game Community | No worry about having to survive solo! There is a large community of players ready to lend their help.
Realm of the Mad God Exalt Shows Off New Weapons Headed to the Game

Realm of the Mad God Exalt has released details on its next set of weapons that will be headed to the game in a future update. The new weapon subtypes will come in two variants, the Tiered weapons and the UT weapons.

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