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Ravendawn Overview

Ravendawn is a new fully open world sandbox MMORPG focusing on depth of gameplay, community and unique character design over empty graphics. It is being developed by Tavernlight Games with a planned release date sometime in 2023. Currently, it will have an Open Beta starting on March 30, 2023.

In Ravendawn, the world is yours to conquer! The vastness of Ravendawn’s landscape means you can build virtually anywhere — from a simple log cabin in the middle of a dense forest, to a majestic stone mansion along the ocean’s sandy coast. All you have to do is claim a plot of land and gather enough resources to establish your territory and build your own home. Ravendawn is your canvas, and with real-world house and farm-building, you can paint it as you please!

In Ravendawn, customization is key! By mixing and matching together abilities from three different Archetypes, you can shape your character as you see fit. Unlock powerful classes through endless combinations: charge through the battlefield while raining down ice storms as a towering Dreadknight; turn into the perfect assassin as a Shadowstriker or harness the raw magical power of an Arcanist. Don’t settle for just one playstyle, make your own!

Every one of Ravendawn’s Archetypes offers a combination of unique skills and abilities. Whether you prefer bull-rushing into the heat of combat or sniping your enemies from afar, there’s an Archetype for it! A healer that can also wreak elemental havoc on the battlefield?

The entire economy of Ravendawn is driven entirely by you! But be warned — planning a voyage across the seas or a trip through the mountains can be a dangerous venture! Other players can ambush and kill you for your valuable merchandise. Planning to profit from a long voyage across the sea or a trek through the windy mountains? Be sure to hire bodyguards or forge alliances with other players to protect your wealth and safety!

Adventurous fishing, featuring dozens of types and thousands of variations. Fish can be found in ponds, lakes, and rivers, but the largest and rarest may only be found in the deepest oceans. Will you stay close to shore, or choose to set sail and risk the high seas for the chance at a legendary catch?

Anyone can craft, but whether you forge a simple builder’s mallet or a warhammer worthy of a Dwarven king will depend on your skills! Players who improve their crafting abilities will be able to make better quality weapons, armor, potions, and more. Those who don’t, well... they’ll just have to pay for the good stuff.


  • Open World House Building
    Including Farming, Housing, Professions, and Customization
  • More Than 50 Classes to Build
    Mix and match from up to three Archetypes to truly customize your playstyle
  • 10 Professions to Master
    Take up Cooking, Weaving, Carpentry, and more to build your economy
  • Dynamic Political System
    In Ravendawn, every player can choose to participate in a full politcal system
  • Unique, Skill-Based Crafting Minigames
    Improve your crafting abilities to make better quality weapons, armor, and potions