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Rappelz Epic 9.6: The Siege of the Citadel is Now Live

Rappelz players have lots of new content to explore thanks to the arrival of Epic 9.6: The Siege of the Citadel. Players will enjoy the Rondo Citadel Attack event, new pets, a class rebalance, several quality of life improvements and the addition of new EU servers.

Rappelz to Grow with The Siege of the Citadel Expansion Coming March 19th

On March 19th, Rappelz will be growing again with the release of its next expansion, Epic 9.6: The Siege of the Citadel. Guilds will find a new location that they will be able to raid once per week. Rewards will be given depending on how quickly the citadel is taken down.

Trials of Devildom Expansion Coming in September

Webzen will be teasing out information to the Rappelz community about the forthcoming Trials of Devildom expansion. The new content is expected to be released in September in North America and Europe. However, players can get a sneak peek at a new dungeon coming with the expansion on Friday, August 18th at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern. The stream will take place in the Webzen Games Twitch channel.

Epic 9.4: The Expedition to Go Live on Tuesday, September 27

Webzen has sent word that Rappelz will be getting a big content expansion on Tuesday, September 27th when Epic 9.4: The Expedition goes live. The Expedition will add a new dungeon containing seven new bosses, 'blue-eye' weapons, a new area called The Island of Forgotten Gods, new quests, gear and item upgrades.

Epic 9.4 Headed to NA and EU Servers Later in 2016

Webzen has confirmed that Rappelz will be getting a new update later in 2016. Called Epic 9.4, players will be challenged to test their power and speed.

Epic IX Part 3: Rise of Power is Now Live

Webzen has announced the release of the latest update to Rappelz. Called Epic IX Part 3: Rise of Power, the patch brings a brand new dungeon, new monsters, new quests and the final awakening system among other additions.

Epic IX Part 3 to be Released in February

Webzen has announced that Rappelz will be updating on February 2nd with the latest content expansion, Epic IX Part 3. Players will be treated to a new token from a special quest line that allows access to a new dungeon called Remains of the Ancients.

Latest Update Epic IX Part 2 Released

WEBZEN has released the latest content addition to Rappelz called Epic IX Part 2 that brings a new dungeon, party matching system, class rebalancing, new skills for pets and more.

Epic VII: Reanimation Deployed

Rappelz players will want to check into the game to get a firsthand look at the new features and content that arrived with Epic VII: Reanimation. Reanimation brings the Lydian lion mount into Rappelz as well as The Labyrinth, a Master Class dungeon.

Ancient Legacy Update Goes Live

Gala Networks EU has announced that the Rappelz expansion, "Epic VII Part 4: Ancient Legacy" is now live on all servers. The new Rappelz includes the "Cubric" dungeon for Master Class parties which offers players a chance at finding epic items. In addition, the new creature, "Lydian", is available as a new companion. The team has also added new enhancements to the UI.

Log In Event Begins

The Rappelz team has announced that in preparation for the June release of the Reanimation expansion, there will be a log-in event on all servers for the next three weeks.

Screenshot of the Week: Winner's Announcement!

We've pored over your many awesome Rappelz screenshots for this week's "Screenshot of the Week," and today we're excited to announce the winning entry!

Screenshot of the Week: Rappelz Edition!

Everyone loves to take screenshots of their favorite games, and we want you to share them with us and the rest of the MMORPG.com community! To that end, we're back with our latest Screenshot of the Week feature, and we're looking to give out some cool swag. This week, we'll be focusing on Rappelz screenshots.

Epic VII - Ascension Brings Master Classes Online

Rappelz players will now have the opportunity to access new Master classes with their attendant new skills, equipment and quests with the arrival of the Epic VII: Ascension expansion.

Take the Pet Quiz

Rappelz devs have pulled out all the stops for the game's fifth anniversary. Beginning today, players can take a Pet Quiz to find the perfect pet to suit their personalities.