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Blog - How to Become a Lead Club

Jon Wood Posted: Nov 10, 2009 2:34 PM
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The developers of RAN Online have released this new official MMORPG.com developer blog talking about the game's "Club System." Functioning in much the same way as guilds in other MMOs, RAN encourages clubs to battle each other and become "lead clubs."

RAN online has many more contents that can be enjoyed together with other characters than alone. Obviously, it is easier to hunt together than alone. Therefore, the most of the RAN users form a party or form a Club to enjoy RAN online together every time.

Forming a club and acting as a member of that club is important in RAN online because it is providing various systems which consider team work and ties between the users very importantly.

One of the systems is called Lead Club Battle. Lead Club Battle is to define the final winner through battle between the clubs at appointed spot in 4 different regions. This is the typical type of RAN online club system and can be considered as Siege Warfare (or RvR) the emblem of online games.

Read How to Become a Lead Club.


Jon Wood