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Hero's Lane Trailer

Perfect World Entertainment and the RaiderZ team have released a new video showing off Hero's Lane, home to some of the darkest and most evil magic in the Kingdom of Rendel. Check it out for a closer look at the Catacomb of the Damned dungeon and the Master of the Garden. Enjoy!

Ingen Free Port

Perfect World Entertainment and the RaiderZ team have sent out a brand new video spotlighting one of the game's larger cities, Ingen Free Port. In Igen Free Port, players can check up on their housing, participate in crafting, check out the latest fashion at a tailor's shop and schmooze with other players. Check it out!

Broken Mast Zone Tour

Perfect World Entertainment and the RaiderZ team have started releasing a new series of videos to shine the spotlight on the zones in the game. The first in the series shows off Broken Mast, the starting zone for all newcomers to the game. See what you think!

First Impressions with Ripper X

Ripper X checks out RaiderZ Online for some basic first impressions of the game. RaiderZ is an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG developed by MAIET Entertainment and published in North America by Perfect World Entertainment and in Europe by Gameforge Berlin AG. The game puts players in the roles of Berserker, Cleric, Defender, and Sorcerer, in order to defend the kingdom of Rendel from hordes of colossal and vicious beasts. Countless creatures are being awakened and mutated by the Prime Stone,

Closed Beta Trailer

Perfect World Entertainment has officially kicked off the RaiderZ closed beta test. To celebrate, they have released a brand new trailer. According to the team, players need to "hunt together or die alone". Check it out!

Interview and Developer Tour with Pokket

MMORPG.com's own Hillary "Pokket" Nicole sits down with Perfect World Entertainment's Mark Hill from the upcoming game Raiderz to talk about all things beta, launch, combat, PVP, and beyond. www.mmorpg.com www.twitch.tv/mmorpgcom www.youtube.com/pokketproductions www.youtube.com/mmorpgcom www.twitter.com/mmorpgcom www.twitter.com/pokketsays -- www.twitch.tv/mmorpgcom/b/327744723&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=mmorpgcom&utm_medium=youtube

Goblin Golem Boss Fight

Perfect World Entertainment has sent out a brand new RaiderZ trailer that features a goblin golem boss fight. The trailer showcases four players trying to bring down the golem. This particular boss has only recently made its way into the ongoing closed beta.

Creating the Ultimate Hero

http://raiderz.perfectworld.com/ In our second Developer Diary, we highlight how RaiderZ is all about having choices. You can combine a mix of fighting styles and equipment in order to survive even the most difficult encounters. You are not limited to base archetypes like Defender, Cleric, Berserker, or Sorcerer, but are encouraged to experiment to find the right combination that works for you. Never forget: Hunt Together or Die Alone. Join us in our RaiderZ Beta Testing! Register no

E3 2012 Trailer

A new trailer for RaiderZ shown during E3 2012.

PAX East 2012 - Raiderz Hands On Presentation Preview - MMORPG.com

The fine folks at Perfect World Entertainment let us try out Raiderz as they give us the lowdown on the game's features, action-combat, and open world monster hunter feel.