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New RaiderZ Video Spotlights Work on Several Core Game Systems

As the new RaiderZ team continues its work revamping key components of the game, they wanted to show off some of the work in progress. In a new video, you can see a variety of systems currently undergoing retooling including the Evade System, UI changes, Character Creation updates and the starting point alterations.

Developers Detail Combat System Changes

The RaiderZ Facebook page has been updated with a discussion of combat changes that will be implemented in the game. Most notably, the dodge mechanic is being retooled to remove the "invincible" feel of players being able to completely avoid an enemy's attack. Devs felt that the dodge function and the avoidance of an enemy's attack "were unreasonable".

With One Click, You Can Help Bring RaiderZ to Your Region

If you're a RaiderZ fan, you may want to see the revamped game make a return to your region. If so, the team is asking its community to respond to a single question survey about where (generally) you live. This will help determine where the game is released once the overhaul is complete.

Development Team Details Philosophies for Ongoing Improvements

The RaiderZ team has posted an extensive developer blog post on the game's official Facebook page to lay out the philosophy guiding the overhaul of several key systems. Systems under the current development microscope include Hit Detection, Graphics Quality, and the World Map.

Team Provides an Extensive Look at Roadmap Features in Development

The RaiderZ Facebook page has been updated with numerous posts that lay out details about what the team will be working on over the coming months as it seeks to revive the game. Features include Advanced Combat, the Open Class System, the Passive Skill System, Trial Instances, Item Renewal, Quest Replacement, and Fairness & Microtransactions.

Masangsoft Takes Over from MAIET to 'Reimagine' the Game

MAIET Entertainment was the original developers of RaiderZ, later published by Perfect World Entertainment. Earlier this year, Masangsoft wrote that it was working to take over the IP from MAIET. Apparently, this has now happened with the company posting to the RaiderZ Facebook page that the team has started looking over the game to see what can be done to "reinvent this game".

Riding into the Sunset on August 10th

Perfect World has posted a note on the RaiderZ Arc page to let players know that the game will be shutting down for good on August 10th. It appears that the game's developer, MAIET, is, or has also, shut down. Without a developer to keep the game running, the post goes on, there is no one to troubleshoot the game, etc.

Perfect World's Game Arrives on Steam

Perfect World Entertainment has announced the arrival of RaiderZ on the Steam gaming platform. Players can now download, install and play RaiderZ through the Steam client.

Latest Update Introduces the Assassin

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that today's RaiderZ content update will feature a new class, the Assassin. In addition, a metric ton of new Cash and Crystal Shop costumes and items have been added.

EU Service Shutting Down

Gameforge has announced that RaiderZ is closing up shop beginning on August 3, 2013. According to the announcement, the game did not achieve the level of success that was anticipated. In addition to the announcement, the team has posted an FAQ for players.

Broken Silence to Launch April 3rd

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the first expansion to RaiderZ will officially launch on April 3rd. Broken Silence will see the level cap increase, a new zone brought into the game and great new bosses to fight for some of the most epic gear in the game.

Broken Silence Expansion Trailer Released

Perfect World Entertainment has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming RaiderZ expansion, Broken Silence. The expansion will bring new zones, new gear, and new boss fights. The team indicates that these additions are in direct response to player requests. Check out the teaser trailer!

Valentine's Day Events Arrive In Game

RaiderZ players will want to check out a pair of in-game events to celebrate Valentine's Day. The first is called "Weaponized Gambling" where defeating monsters will drop a special item that when thrown to the ground, generates a random effect.

Broken Silence Expansion Screens

Perfect World Entertainment is giving RaiderZ players a sneak peek at the first expansion to the game. Called "Broken Silence", the expansion will feature a level cap increase, an overhauled PvP system, new zones, quests and more.

New Screens Show Off First-Ever Holiday Event

Perfect World Entertainment has released a bunch of new screenshots showing off the upcoming holiday event to be held in RaiderZ. Players can get a look at special new costumes and get a peek at the invasion of the snowmen. Check them all out in our RaiderZ screenshot gallery.