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Ragnarok RE:START Articles

New Playable Characters Now on Classic

Ragnarok Classic players have four new playable classes to choose from with the latest game update. The four classes are the Ninja, Taekwon Kid, Gunslinger and Soul Linker. The official Classic page has been updated with information for players interested in giving these classes a try.

The Indie MMO’s Best Bet

In this week's Independency, we take a look at a surprising game as our choice for the best bet of all the indie MMOs out there. What you read just may give pause to think. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.

War of Emperium Officially Launches

Gravity Interactive has announced that the latest update to Ragnarok Online has officially launched. Called War of Emperium, the update brings weekly guild versus guild competitions on the "classic" Ragnarok Online server that launched this past June.

War of Emperium Launches

Gravity Interactive has announced that the massive update to Ragnarok Online, War of Emperium, has officially launched. War of Emperium brings several events online for players.

War of Emperium Begins August 7th

Gravity Interactive has announced that Tuesday, August 7th will see the start of a new competitive event in Ragnarok Online. Called "War of Emperium", the event will pit players against one another to gain control of dimensional cracks.

Where Old Meets New Celebration

Ragnarok Online players have a lot to celebrate in the coming days. The game is headed into its ninth birthday and the dev team has the "Where Old Meets New" celebration to give players something to look forward to.

Port Malaya Content Expansion Launched

Ragnarok Online players will want to head back into the game to check out the latest content expansion that brings Port Malaya online. Port Malaya brings new adventures for players of level 100+ with new quests, dungeons and monsters.

iOS Version Launches in the EU

Ragnarok: Violet, a single player version of Ragnarok Online, has officially launched for iOS devices in Europe.

14.1 Bifrost Expansion Released

Gravity Interactive has announced the release of the 14.1 Bifrost expansion to Ragnarok Online. The expansion brings new gear, a pair of new instances, new quests and new monsters into Ragnarok.

Skill Balance Update to Deploy Today

The Ragnarok Online team has announced that the "season of updates" is in full swing. Today marks the deployment of the Skill Balance Update which, as the name implies, sees the entire skill system overhauled.

Nifty New Features Added in Latest Update

The Ragnarok Online team has sent word that a new update will deploy today, Wednesday, November 23rd that will include several great new features.

Single Player App Launched

Gravity Interactive has announced the release of a free iOS application to allow fans of Ragnarok Online to play a single player version of the game. Called "Ragnarok Violet", the game is free to download with in-game purchases available.

USRC 2011 Starts LiveStreaming Today!

USRC, the yearly PvP tournament hosted through Ragnarok Online, started today at 10:15am PST and will be live streamed directly from the Ragnarok Online Facebook page. Head on over and check out the action!

Gone F2P

Ragnarok Online has adopted a new free-to-play business model with a player option to upgrade to VIP status that offers improved experience rates, monster drops, larger storage capacity and access to special NPCs and areas.

Renewal Now Live

Ragnarok Online publisher, Gravity Interactive, has announced that the Renewal content expansion has launched on all servers. The base job level has increased to 150 and third classes are also now live: the Rune Casting Rune Knight to the God of Battle the Sura.