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    Gravity Interactive
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    11/30/02 (07/11/2019)
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Ragnarok RE:START Overview

Ragnarok Online is a free-to-play MMORPG from Gravity Interactive with a mythos based heavily on Norse mythology, with references to other cultures as well. There is much to do in the land of Midgard, including taking on quests, hunting monsters and participating in administrator-run random events. This MMOG also features a unique form of guild vs. guild combat called the “War of Emperium” during which several guilds fight for control of castles with dungeons and treasures inaccessible to non-guild members. Several classes in Ragnarok Online, such as the Blacksmith, Alchemist and Rune Knight, feature a crafting component, and money can be earned by selling item drops from defeated monsters, including rare item drops not otherwise available in stores. Characters begin the game as Novice class until the requirements of a specific class are met. Ragnarok Online uses a traditional stat and skill system for characters as well as HP (Hit Point) and SP (Spell Point) bars. When players die in this MMO (reach 0 HP), they are transported to their last city save point and suffer a 1% reduction of already earned experience points, except in the case of Novice-classed characters.


  • Three Nations to Explore | Rune Midgard, Schwaltzvalt Republic, and Arunafeltz.
  • Norse Mythology | Adventure through such legendary areas as Valhalla and Niflheim.
  • Classes | Classes are divided into nine levels of job classes, starting at 1st Job Class and advancing up to 2nd Extended Class.
  • Card System | Weapons and armor have slots; cards have specific attributes. Slot a card into a weapon or armor piece to give that item the attributes of the card.
  • PvP | Two modes available: Yoyo Mode, and Nightmare Mode.