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Ragnarok Origin Overview

Ragnarok Origin is a mobile version meant to harken back to the PC release of Ragnarok Online from 2002. Gravity is hoping this mobile release will allow old and new players to dive into the land of Midgard on mobile. Ragnarok Online is an MMORPG based on the Korean manhwa by Myung-Jin. It is developed by Gravity Interactive and has gone through numerous updates and iterations, including the Renewal servers and Ragnarok Transendance.

Ragnarok Origins boasts improved graphics, battles and quests promising to be more immersive than ever. Additionally, the MMORPG will include plenty of customization options where you can create your own unique hero to take on the legends. Whether acting alone with Ragnarok’s mercenary system or joining a guild with friends, you’ll be able to take on monsters or other players in a range of gameplay modes.


  • Infinite Character Customization | Upgrade your weapons, armor, abilities, and more to match play style.
  • Fantasy RPG Story Campaign | Discover mysterious, fun, and evil secrets hidden away. Choose your path with different missions, events, and daily quests.
  • Dynamic Battle Action | Hundreds of weapons, improved strike motions, and sensitive controls allowing for swift response actions.
  • Mercenary System for Solo-Players | Hire mercenaries and hunt like a group. Summon knights, assassins, guardians, and wizards for your squad.
  • Social Community System | Build special relationships, cooperate in real-time, and enjoy unique rains, challenges, and stories with your friends.
  • Unique Content to Express Yourself | Be the top anime fashionista and cover model. Get your own avatar dressed up in the fitting room! Between all the different mounts, hats, and gear there is a lot of clothes to wear!
  • High Degree of Freedom | Both 2.5D and 3D views, with high-quality cute visual graphics and sounds.


  • Swordsman | The Swordsman is strong both offensively and defensively. They conquer battlefields and provide protection for teammates. Their second class is the Knight, and the third class is the Lord Knight.
  • Mage | The Mage studies the attributes and characteristics of monsters and helps allies using their high intellectual abilities and knowledge. Their second class is the Wizard, and the third class is the High Wizard.
  • Merchant | The Merchant has various buying and selling related skills and is able to carry far more items than any other class. Their second class is the Blacksmith, and their third class is the Mastersmith.
  • Acolyte | The Acolyte doesn't have a weapon to destroy enemies, but they serve to help companions with various prayers that heal and amplify their allies' abilities. Their second class is a Priest, and their third class is a High Priest.
  • Thief | Though the Thief may not have the strength for intense combat, they range in dexterity and quick movements that cause disruption to enemies. Their second class is the Assassin, and their third class is the Assassin Cross.
  • Archer | The Archer is talented in dealing with the bow and boasts high accuracy rate through excellect dexterity. They have a great ability to help comrades by supportive fire and shooting enemies from afar. Their second class is the Hunter, and their third class is the Sniper.