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QuickHit Football Overview

QuickHit Football is an online football game from Play Hard Sports. The game allows players to manage and coach teams, compete against others in a persistent environment, and connect with others through a fully supported community site. QuickHit Football also features some RPG elements, like allowing players to upgrade their training facilities and equip their football players with new gear. The game is free-to-play with an item shop.

  • Coach Your Team | Build and coach your team and take them to victory by being the best manager.
  • Real Pro Legends | Coach NFL legends like Barry Sanders, Dan Fouts, and Warren Moon on your team.
  • Build Your Dynasty | Utilize QuickHit Football's persistent features to improve your team's rating, increase your players' levels and abilities, and upgrade your stadium.

Play to Win $100

Interested in making an extra $100? If so, you might be interested in Quick Hit Football's "Play Night" contest! Log in to your Quick Hit Football account tomorrow at 7PM EST/4PM PST and be the first player to complete a single player game by 9PM EST/6PM PST. It's that simple. You complete a game first, you win $100! No purchase necessary to participate in this event, though you will need to be at least 18 and a US resident.

CEO Jeff Anderson E3 Interview

At E3 2009, QuickHit Football CEO Jeff Anderson dropped by to chat about QuickHit Football, a new online football game. This is a free to play online game where players make and coach their own teams. Anderson, of course, you may remember as the former CEO of Turbine.

Jeff Anderson E3 Interview

An interview with the CEO of QuickHit Football who talks about his free to play online football game.