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    Unity 3D
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    Testbuilt R&D
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    Early Access
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Project Ion Overview

A Brave New World - Most new arrivals have been disembodied for over a century with only a vague recollection of their own reflection. So upon reviving in the world of ION everyone gets a chance to clean up and make cosmetic adjustments. With only basic clothing and an empty credit token they find themselves with empty pockets in a foreign world to explore.

Exploring can be done in either a first or third-person view. There are natural resources scattered across the land which can be picked up and represent a value. Anything of value can be sold to a Pwn Shop merchant or put up for auction on iBay. Direct trading with other people is also an option, just make sure to check around before selling any potentially unique finds for cheap! Any gear collected along the way will help opening up other activities like hunting, mining and crafting.


  • Built from the ground up by semi-religious game fanatics
  • Battle tested and actually free to play!
  • An open and expanding universe with contestable areas
  • Gather resources by hunting, mining or scavenging
  • Earn Dinar by trading looted or crafted items with other players