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Project Gorgon Articles

Project: Gorgon Drops Price to $19.99, Adds New Character Slot and Account Options Following Spring Updates

Project: Gorgon has dropped its price, added new character slot options, and more following spring updates.

Project Gorgon Runs Out of Cash but Plans to Continue Development

Project Gorgon, an MMORPG developed by Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers, has faced several challenges in its development over the past several years, particularly in funding.

Project Gorgon Adds VIP Subscription, Offering VIP Benefits Like Access To Offline Skill Training, Inventory Slots And More

Project Gorgon is adding its VIP subscription with today's patch, bringing perks to those who decide to pony up the montly fee for the indie MMO.

UPDATE: Project Gorgon's Beta Concludes, New Update Oultined

Project Gorgon's beta has concluded with the team providing some information on an update which brings with it some changes and fixes.

'Summer Fun' Event Live in Project Gorgon

Project Gorgon has announced a Summer Fun event, in addition to a Steam sale coinciding with the event.

Project: Gorgon Details Latest Patch, Improves UI

The newest patch for Project: Gorgon focuses heavily on UI improvements. Here are the patch notes.

Huge Project Gorgon Update Brings Mini-Dungeons & Big Changes to Lycanthropy

The latest Project Gorgon update has been deployed, this time, a rather large one that brings a number of significant changes to the game. Players will be able to take part in non-instanced dungeons called Ilmari War Caches. These are "designed to be a quick solo adventure" where players can even log out mid-run and log back in to complete the adventure. They are not time-limited events.

Project Gorgon Updated with New Solo-Oriented Dungeon, Game Balance Changes & More

The Project Gorgon site has a new post detailing the latest changes to the game. Players can look forward to a new solo-oriented dungeon experience in the Rahu Sewers as well as significant game balance changes in areas such as treasure rebalance, damage-type calculation changes, base damage changes, ability damage formulae tweaks and more.

You Can Check Out Project Gorgon Thanks to the Arrival of a New Demo

If you've been sitting on the fence about Project Gorgon, you finally have the chance to try it out for yourself thanks to the release of a brand new demo. The demo offers players a trio of areas to explore including all of their dungeons. In addition, players can raise skills to level 15 to provide players "a broad sampling of the game's content to explore". Those who choose to purchase the game will find that all progress has been retained.

May Developer Blog Highlights Server and Client Improvements

The latest Project Gorgon developer update has been posted to the game's official site. Readers are informed about recent improvements to stabilize the client and improve performance, framerate and much more. In addition, several server optimizations have been put into place alongside in-game improvements including treasure / skill changes, weapon tweaks, DoT ability changes, the new Priest skill and even more. Lastly, the team continues to work on Steam integration.

Should You Buy It Now?

After what seems years of waiting, indie MMORPG Project Gorgon has finally landed on Steam’s Early Access platform. For a one-time cost of $40 ($30 on sale), you can finally give the husband and wife team of Elder Game your support. There’s also an official store for larger packages for the hardcore fans. But the question is, with this being a sort of “launch”, is Project Gorgon something you should devote your hard earned cash towards?

Steam Launch Day Coming on March 13th

Elder Game Studios has announced that Project: Gorgon will officially hit Steam Early Access on Tuesday, March 13th. The game allows players to "forge their own path through exploration and discovery" in a world without rails for guidance. Players can look forward to truly discovering a new world and hidden secrets all while adventuring in a classless system that allows the ability to play as desired.

Overhauled UI Debuts in New Blog Post

The Project Gorgon site has been updated with a preview of the revamped UI that players will be seeing in game soon. The new UI has been designed by a professional artist and takes advantage of the "latest that the Unity Engine" has to offer.

UI Reworked from the Ground Up for Ease of Use & Max Information

The Project Gorgon site has been updated with an interesting look at the fully reworked UI that will be coming to the game soon. The UI, according to the team, has been fully redesigned using the latest Unity Engine tech, while the design was produced by "a top-rated UI artist". The goal is to provide a cleaner, more intuitive appearance, while also allowing for flexibility in the number of functions and features it can provide to players.

Serbule Location Graphics Updated

The Serbule location in Project Gorgon will be getting a visual update in the next several weeks. Textures and models are being given a new coat of paint in order to provide a more aesthetically pleasing look as well as to provide better framerate and performance.