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    Unity 3D
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    Elder Game Inc.
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    Early Access
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Project Gorgon Overview

Project: Gorgon is a fantasy MMO for people who like exploration. Players adventure in a world full of intricate game systems and immersive NPCs. There are no classes or character levels, just hundreds and hundreds of skills to discover. Create your own fighting style, then delve into lost dungeons full of traps, puzzles, and terrifying bosses! Or set up shop in town and make a name for yourself as a master craftsman. Or why not both? The world is yours to tame.

  • Staggering Skill Depth | Hundreds of skills, from sword fighting to calligraphy to butchering to poetry appreciation. All of them important in their own way, and each with unique game mechanics.
  • Non-Directed Adventure | A unique NPC interaction system lets you find your own reasons for adventuring. No two players' experience will be the same.
  • Immersive Game Mechanics | On fire? Jump in a lake! If it's cold, wear thick armor or you'll get frostbite. And don't let the townsfolk see you killing their livestock!
  • Play Together, Beyond Just Combat | Write books and donate them to the library, run a shop out of your home, become a world-renowned blacksmith, or create simple quests for your friends to participate in.
  • As Hardcore As You Want | Choose your own death penalty, from Casual to Hardcore to Insane. Take on optional behavior badges and the game will recognize your play style. Opt in to life-altering curses like Lycanthropy, where power comes at a price.