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Project Genom Articles

Project Genom Making a Move to SpatialOS After Months of Silence

After months of silence, the Project Genom team has posted to the game's Steam page that it is making the move to SpatialOS. The game had been "restarted" in May 2018, but had run into technical issues that couldn't be solved quickly. As a result, several months went by with no game updates and falling sales. However, the company has invested new funds into SpatialOS technology and has plans to reignite development.

Global Content Update Deployed & It's Like a Whole New Game

Project Genom's "global content update" has launched and it changes everything. There is an additional 90 x 90 km of territory to explore, code has been rewritten, new characters, outposts and much, much more have been added.

Huge Alpha Content Update Now Dated for May 7th

The Project Genom site has been updated with the welcome news that the massive update that has been more than a year in the making will finally be hitting live servers on May 7th. For those who want to try things out ahead of time, the improved and expanded game content is now accessible through a newly deployed Test Branch. The latest developer update provides instructions how to access the Test Branch as well as details what the team is most actively involved with over the past week.

Preparations Underway to Move PTS Version to Main Servers

A couple of weeks ago, the PTS for Project Genom received a massive update with fixes, tweaks and revamped versions of most systems included. In the latest weekly update, the dev team has informed the community that the final steps are underway to move the overhauled game client from the PTS to live servers.

Massive Update Finally Hits Live Status on PTS

The Project Genom team has proudly announced that the much-anticipated update to the game has finally landed on the PTS. This major update overhauls nearly every system and aspect of the older PTS version. As a result, the team is looking for player feedback and testing of all content. The update is considered in its early alpha phase and a testing ground for new mechanics and systems that have been added.

Major PTS Update Nearing Completion, World Optimization Under Way

The latest Project Genom newsletter has been published to provide the community with the most up-to-date news about the game's progress. With the dawn of a new week, the team has been hard at work preparing the next major PTS update that will bring a host of new and improved features to the forthcoming sci-fi MMO. Most notably, the update is nearing completion as the team is hard at work on world optimization in the zone closest to the starting location.

Massive PTS Update Nearing Completion

The Project Genom team has posted its weekly update letter on the official site to let fans know that the massive PTS update is nearing completion. More than a few systems have undergone major improvements and through revisions in preparation for PTS testing. In addition, the team is working hard on optimizing the game world and graphics performance.

Latest Update Shows Chat Improvements and World Building

The latest Project Genom update has been published that provides fans a bit of a look at what the team has been working on for the previous week. In this edition, improvements to the chat system have been started in addition to general technical server processing tasks and Mech improvements.

3D World Map, More Environments & Debugging the Quest System Lastest on Docket

The Project Genom weekly report has been published with news that the team is hard at work. Most notably this week, developers have been debugging and testing the quest system to prepare it for deployment to the PTR soon. In addition, work is progressing on finalizing the 3D world map as well as fleshing out a new "point-of-interest" location in the Gunar Ruins.

All Major Biomes Complete, Building the Main Game World Commences

The latest Project Genom newsletter has been published with the exciting news that all of the game's major biomes have been completed. With this behind them, the team can use biome structures, and natural features when building the larger game world. In addition, the starter zone is finished and the first dungeon's outer entrance is underway.

Better Rivers, a New Volcanic Location & Mech Animations Complete

The latest Project Genom weekly update has been posted that provides interested fans and players with a look at the most recent game improvements. Of note this week, the team has completed all of the mech animations (YAY!) and is hard at work on creating a new volcanic location. Lastly, the team feels that "rivers need to be refined as they are inadequate and inappropriate".

Crafting System Detailed, Soon to be Deployed for Testing

The Project Genom team has published a lengthy post detailing how crafting will work in the sci-fi MMO that is currently in development. The post reveals how crafting blueprints will be found, how materials will be collected and how creating items will happen via Terminals within most hubs. Many of the current features that are ready for testing are as a result of player input and the team is looking forward to further feedback throughout testing.


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