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    Unity 3D
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    Prelude Games Factory
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Project Dogmat Overview

Project Dogmat is an ambitious modern Gothic-fantasy based MMORPG. Filled with cities and megalopolises, architectural monuments and their history based on the real world. Our twist, is that this world is also full of strange occurrences, incomprehensible to mere mortals. Vampires, werewolves, spirits, even demons exist here, living secretly among humans. They plot, scheme and influence the world around them. It is for this reason that the world has been saturated with the atmosphere of Gothic and punk, the moods of decadence and hopelessness.

This is our vision of the world where reality and mystical fantasy clash with each other. This is a game about intrigue, politics, shady dealings and survival of the inhuman creatures in giant cities. The team has been inspired by games such as Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, EVE Online, Secret World, Assassin's Creed and many others. We incorporate elements of advanced social interactions between players and NPCs, unrestrained movement around the vast cities, and also try to preserve and recreate that unique Gothic-punk style of the universe.

  • Build the character you desire!strong> | Develop your character the way you want to, there are no class restrictions.li>
  • A World that takes shape based on the players! | Dynamic environment, which reacts to players’ every action. Your deeds can influence others, as well as the world.
  • Alliances and factions that directly impact the world! | Plenty of opportunities for social encounters, allowing you to establish contacts, intermingle with other players and make deals with your enemies.
  • Player driven economy! | Advanced in-game market will allow you to establish your own business, whether it be trade, finances or production.li>
  • Keep your enemies close, and your friends closer! | The possibility of Final Death will keep you on edge and force you to carefully think through your actions.
It's Going to be What World of Darkness Could Have Been

World of Darkness was an MMORPG that so many hung their hopes upon. For a vast many reasons, it never came to be. But that hasn't stopped a group of the macabre setting's fans from making their own supernatural horror MMORPG. Enter, Project Dogmat. We caught up with the indie MMO's design team ahead of their upcoming Kickstarter to talk about the game, its design goals, and what CCP has to say about the project.