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November 2013
Pillars of Eternity Nintendo Switch Review

Over four years after its initial release, as well as the release of a sequel, Pillars of Eternity has made its way to the Nintendo Switch. Exploding from its beginnings as a Kickstarter campaign, every release so far has been a success. With a lot of ports to the Switch being hit or miss due to the constraints of the console, Pillars of Eternity has a lot to pack into a small package. Including the mountain of backstory and systems from this colossal game, along with the conversion of PC controls to the console, able to go with you to all the Nintendo rooftop parties you can handle may be too good to be true. Let’s find out if it is with our review of Pillars of Eternity on the Nintendo Switch.

The RPG Files: Operencia: The Stolen Sun Review

Operencia: The Stolen Sun by Zen Studios is a throwback first-person turn-based dungeon crawler that seeks to add some modern polish to an older, underutilized formula of trying to put the player into a dungeon themselves, rather than controlling a character in the third person. While retro-styled games are definitely a popular design choice, this one doesn’t see much in the way of use. Does it still hold up? Let’s find out in our review of Operencia: The Stolen Sun.

The RPG Files: Outward Review - Travel Souls, Prepare to Run

Nine Dots Studio’s new release Outward is an open-world adventure RPG that throws the player into a brutal world as a nobody. The game is set up to have the player adventure through a dangerous world, while starting out as an absolute nobody. There isn’t any magical hero off to fulfill a prophecy here, just trying to go out into the world to find a home and make a few bucks on the side. But, will the game provide a worthwhile journey? This is our Outward review.

Operencia: The Stolen Sun – First Impressions

Operencia: The Stolen Sun is a first-person dungeon crawling RPG coming out of Zen Studios, developers of Castle Storm as well as a handful of pinball games. Entering into a niche genre with relatively few standouts (Legend of Grimrock being the only recent series that comes to mind), there is a lot of room for new entries to be done well.

 Noob Adventures in Destiny 2: Forsaken Part 3

I finally hit level cap! While I was thinking I’d hit cap and be able to gear up quickly to raid judging from my power level gains during leveling, I got a quick reality check after hitting power level 500 and finding out that gains from there are on are slow and require a bit of work. I’m still working on finishing up the story and grinding gear on the side through dailies and weeklies, as well as doing a good amount of PvP.

Noob Adventures in Destiny 2: Forsaken Part 2

I spent a good amount of time playing more Destiny 2, playing through the story thinking I would get bored at some point and probably just jump straight into the Forsaken content. I was wrong.

Noob Adventures in Destiny 2: Forsaken Part 1

Is now a good time to pick up the game for someone who hasn’t played Destiny 2 yet? I made the jump to play for the first time and let you know what I run into, in our Destiny 2 Noob Adventures series.

Darkest Dungeon On Switch is Where It Truly Shines

Red Hook Studios has brought Darkest Dungeon to the Nintendo Switch. and the release on Switch feels like it's where the game belongs, allowing both portability and touch-screen controls when undocked, but also a controller scheme (though a bit confusing at first) as well as being able to easily play on the big screen. This is our Darkest Dungeon review for the Nintendo Switch.

Epic Tavern Preview - You Become the Barkeep

After a successful Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign, Epic Tavern has entered early access on steam. Epic Tavern is a fantasy tavern simulator, in which you run a bar that is on the brink of closure when you acquire it. Your goal is to take care of the fantasy heroes who come to have a drink and sleep for the night, while also talking them into going out on quests in a group for you while taking a cut for yourself.