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Terry OBrien / Terry is a Features Writer at MMORPG.com, and resident Warhammer guru. He is old, he remembers playing Telengard on a Commodore 64 in the early eighties. He wants all you kids and your new-fangled video games off his lawn!

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PAX East 2017 - Blade & Soul and MXM

We had a chance to speak to the NC Soft guys at this year’s PAX East, they had a lot to say about their latest plans for Blade and Soul and also their new MOBA-ish game MXM. Let's start with upcoming changes to BnS.

PAX East 2017 - Hands On with the Warden and Battlegrounds

The Warden is TESO first new class, a sort of druid-y type caster with access to Ice magic (protective), Nature magic (healing) and Animal Companions (for DPS). These can be mixed and matched to suit any prospective player style, not to mention the many available other skill lines. See Bill’s preview here for a good in-depth look at the class.

PAX East 2017 - Rend Wants to Make Survival Suck Less

Frostkeep Studios is a crew based in Irvine, California, composed of quite a few MMO industry veterans. Their first project, Rend is a survival game, but with a heavy helping of MMO features, in an ambitious attempt to create something new and exciting in the industry. They want to make a survival game without the suck.

PAX Prime 2017 - En Masse Talks TERA & Kritika

This week at PAX East I got a chance to speak to the guys from En Masse about their Tera announcement and their upcoming foray into the MMO scene, Kritika Online. As you might have heard, Tera is coming to consoles.

Nathan Richardsson on the Eldar

Welcome back fellow Crusaders, once again we have the pleasure of speaking to Nathan Richardsson, and his team of Devs working on Behaviour’s upcoming Warhammer 40K game, Eternal Crusade. This week we are going to talk about the Eldar and their recent addition to Early Access.

What's New in Early Access & a Peek Into the Future

Greetings fellow Crusaders, it's been a long while, but we're back with more coverage of Behaviour Interactive's upcoming Eternal Crusade, a third person Shooter set in Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe. Since last we spoke, Eternal Crusade has been early-released on Steam, to positive reviews from those who ventured into the early-release, and a lot of things have changed and grown since then.

Expedition: Vikings - Firmly Grounded in Historical Accuracy

Last weekend at PAX East I got the chance to demo Expedition: Vikings, the follow-up to Logic Artists Expedition: Conquistadors. Set in approximately 700 AD, you play the Chieftain of a small Viking village, in search of glory and wealth to improve and expand your village and your standing in the Viking world. You recruit raiding party members from within the population of your village, and then you lead them out into the world in search of adventure.

PAX East Indies - The Dwarves & ELEX

PAX East Indie round-up: This year we looked at quite a few indie games, here are a couple that caught our eye.

Players Can Jump Right Into Wall-to-Wall Combat

One of the new games I saw at PAX East this year was Livelock, coming from Tuque Games and published by Perfect World. It's an action shooter, and action fans can just jump right in to the wall-to-wall combats, but it also has enough cool story behind it to keep players exploring the world and uncovering its secrets.

Divinity Original Sin 2: Showing Off the Improved Combat System

This weekend I got to spend some time with the Divinity: Original Sin2 devs, and they were showing the new, and very much improved combat system that they have put together. One of the devs and I played a two-on-two skirmish, and I made the mistake of telling him not to take it easy on me, that I would learn more if he hit me full force. In retrospect, that was a huge error, as he trounced me quite handily.

Seven: A Gritty Post-Apocalyptic Story-Driven RPG

At PAX East I got a look at Seven: The Days Long Gone, a new, story-driven, isometric RPG by IMGN.PRO and Fool’s Theory. In Seven you play Teriel, a young man whose skillset lends itself to thievery and sneakery. Teriel soon runs afoul of a bunch of cultists who subject him to a strange ritual, which causes the demon Artanak to be imprisoned within him. Artanak sends Teriel to Peh in the Vetrell Empire seeking… something. Given that it’s a demon looking for it, it can’t be good.

Fated: A Story-Driven VR RPG Experience

I recently got the opportunity to see Fated: The Silent Oath, being produced by Frima, for Occulus, Playstation VR, and HTC Veve, slated for release at the end of April. I went into this with no idea what Fated was, or what to expect, and I must say I was blown away. Fated is a story-driven RPG, with a great deal of emphasis on the wide array of vibrant and interesting characters for you to interact with.

World Championship Finals Wrap Report

Well, this is what it all boils down to, the best team from North America, Enemy; and the best team from the European Union, Epsilon. I have to be honest, I think the best team in North America is Cloud 9, and I think the REAL final was yesterday, when Epsilon squeaked out a three games to two victory over Cloud 9, but the games have to be played, so let’s see how it turned out.

World Championship- Day Three Recap

Two very interesting match-ups in today’s Semi-finals, both pitting a North American team against an European Union team.

World Championship - Day Two Recap and Results

The final match of the day will pit two EU teams against each other, Epsilon, who went 27-1 during the SPL Fall Split, and Fnatic, who are the longest tenured team in the Smite Pro Leagues. These two teams are long-time scrim partners, and know each other exceedingly well. Having said that, I am sure they both have saved some pocket strats for just such an occasion as this, and we will see those tricks of the trade shortly.