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November 2016
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February 2020
Breaking The Fang, and My Heart

Guild Wars 2 has always been a game built on a few iconic characters that carry the story of the game. Unlike World of Warcraft where hundreds of characters and storylines intertwine, Guild Wars has focused on a deep story centred around a select few small groups and organisations. This gives players a heavy investment in the content they are seeing in each release, as it expands upon the core characters’ story and follows trails that we as players are deeply involved in.

World Versus World - Polls and the Illusion of Choice

Some of you might remember back to the start of this year, during a time where Guild Wars 2 was implementing a quarterly update approach to the game with big changes to all areas included in each patch.

Before the Patch - Breaking the Ice

As we head in to another exciting chapter of the Living World Season 3, it’s time to look at what we can expect from November 21st update, A Crack in the Ice. As most Guild Wars 2 players are already aware, this release will come with the next instalment of Tyria’s war against the Elder Dragons, and is expected to take us deep in to the frozen northlands where the icy breath of Jormag awaits us.

How Players Have Enhanced Their Game Through Community Organised Events

Guild Wars 2 has often been praised for having one the most supportive and friendly communities of any in the MMO genre. Sometimes, like in a Foefire 490-10, with three AFK thieves and a chat log full of ‘Nerf ranger-report team’, you can start to wonder how, in all of Tyria, anyone could believe that...