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November 2016
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Festival Content and Giveaway Winners!

Festival content in Guild Wars 2 has always been content that sees a great deal of play, with lots of players returning or upping their hours when some of their favorite content comes rolling in to town. Events like Halloween, with the Mad King’s Labyrinth, or Wintersday and the Winter Wonderland, and of course the Super Adventure Festival, have been huge and iconic parts of the game.

Paying Homage to World vs World with a Gem Giveaway!

World versus World is. For thousands of players, the crown jewel of Guild Wars 2, and is something that has drawn diehard fans from across the world together in a unique experience. Players gather in their thousands across their worlds to compete and celebrate game that glorifies strategy, combat and community. There is room for improvement, and nothing is perfect, but today is about taking a break from criticism and frustration.

The Super Adventure Box Returns for 2017

It's that time of year again, everyone! The fan favourite classic Super Adventure Box has returned to Guild Wars 2, and is sure to have you jumping for joy! Or jumping in to a horrific and pixel explosion of a death. Super Adventure Box is an April Fools festival that has become an annual part of Guild Wars 2, and is without doubt the most popular festival in the game.

The Pros and Cons of a DPS Meter

For a long time, third party programs in Guild Wars 2 have been taboo of sort, with anything that reads the game’s memory being a straight up ban for anyone who uses it. Overlays, and some helpful add ons have been around for a while to make life easier, but the biggest place this hit was in trying to measure DPS. Recently, ArenaNet have made an exception in this case, allowing DPS meters to be a part of the game.

Digging Up the Past

Guild Wars 2 gets praise for a lot things, but none strikes new players to the game more than the vastness in the open world of Tyria. As the game has aged, many of the bigger open stories that have been created within this world have been collecting dust. That is, until Living World Season 3. This season has seen a massive return to the unanswered plots of the game, and for a veteran player, has been both its biggest success and its biggest danger. THAR BE SPOILERS AHEAD – YE BE WARNED!

The Stagnant Competitive Scene

Players in Guild Wars 2 are pretty trigger happy when it comes to the term ‘content drought’, every month or two the label gets thrown around the forums and reddit from bored players who have completed the latest release of content. But at the moment, despite updates to balance and seasons, the competitive scene for GW2 is in the biggest dry spell the game has ever witnessed since launching its eSports agenda.

A Struggle for Balance

This week, Guild Wars 2 has seen one of the biggest balance changes in recent history. Although not quite on the same level as some predicted, the patch came with some pretty significant changes to many of the classes, with both meta and non meta build being shifted around. The implications of the patch are fairly far reaching, with a fairly shake up to the high end raiding meta composition and also some significant buffs that are having a devastating impact in the World versus World scene.

Before The Patch - Head of the Snake

The first story release of 2017 is right around the corner, with the next Living Story episode, Head of the Snake, and a new raid wing both expected with the upcoming patch. This will be the first time a raid wing will release side by side with a story episode, and- alongside other parts of the release- will be one of the biggest individual content updates to the game to happen in quite some time.

The Year of the Rooster

The Lunar New Year has been a historically popular festival for Guild Wars 2, despite its comparatively small impact on the world and limited events. Tt is an extremely profitable time to be playing with some special rewards that benefit both old and new players. It also remains one of the few festivals now that is getting yearly love from development, as the theme of the festival changes according to the zodiac for the year.

An Economic Evolution

Gold in Guild Wars 2 was, once upon a time, an incredible valuable and hard to come by currency. As with most MMORPGs, back at launch the influx of gold and rewards was a lot scarcer than what you see today. As a result of a higher income as players got to completing higher end content gold became more and more common for the everyday player, resulting in forced gold sinks and more expensive outlets for your gold.

The Decline of Build Diversity

In the last year, since the release of Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns with its elite specialisations and raids, as well as the increasing difficulty of Fractals of the Mist at higher levels to earn maximum rewards, classes have been forced to take on specific builds and roles to meet the demands of the game. This has carried through to all forms of the game, not just in PvE but also in both the player versus player environments.

A Furtive Look Ahead at Story

Speculation, leaks, teasers and the ever present hype train have dominated Guild Wars 2 discussion for months now, with the so far successful Living World Season 3 leading players to new places each release, everyone wants to know where to next! Without too many #Spoilers, let’s take a look at some of the juicier speculation we've seen from 2016, and the implications of some of the leaks and teasers we have gotten in the lead up to the new year.

Tixx is coming to Tyria!

The holidays at Guild Wars 2 have historically been a period of a whole pile of fun and excitement for the community, with big updates, seasonal activities and changes to the world. In recent history, the holidays have seen even more than just holiday updates, with 2015's Halloween paired with the launch of Heart of Thorns, 2015 Wintersday seeing the Fractal update and addition of Encryptions and liquid rewards, 2016 Lunar New Year seeing the addition of Central Tyria Gliding.

The European Guild Versus Guild Tournament

Currently, the game is in the midst of one of the most highly anticipated PvP seasons to date, coupled with a rehashed Wintersday that still has not failed to bring joy and love to all the players (and orphans). Amongst all these big updates, it would be pretty easy to have missed the end of the European Guild versus Guild tournament that took place, especially considering that this project was 100% community run and funded.

What to Expect from PvP Season 5

With the next season right around the corner, many players are in gear for practice mode as they test, learn and master their favorite builds in preparation of the next season of competitive play. Whether you're a portal play making Mesmer or a bunker mid master of the elements, season 5 brings new challenge and chances for glory to all the GW2 PvP players.