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Exclusive Developer Diary and Interview on Returning to Elona

Elona is a famed, revered, and beloved place in Guild Wars lore. Since the announcement of Guild Wars 2, players have been dying to make their way back to the Crystal Desert. We are happy today to share with you an exclusive look at the recreation of the iconic locations in Guild Wars 2, and how ArenaNet is approaching such a herculean task.

Humanizing Tyria

In the original game of the franchise, Guild Wars 1, players could only take on the role of the Humans. It’s sequel, however, flag shipped the ability to play as many of Tyria’s races, and came with a story that impacted not just humanity, but the world itself. In the last few story episodes- and indeed in the upcoming Path of Fire expansion- Guild Wars 2 has slowly been sliding back in to a human centric story, pushing the other races to the side.

Hands on With Path of Fire

This weekend, players got to experience the first taste of the Path of Fire expansion. The expansion takes us to the sunburnt wilds of the Crystal Desert, to combat the rising threat of Balthazar, Kralkatorrik and even the Lich, Palawa Joko. Astride their glorious raptor mounts, player got to experience a small chunk of the first map along with the first stage of the story episode that will launch us in to the expansion.

First Thoughts - Path of Fire

Path of Fire, the second expansion, has just been revealed with a huge chunk of juicy details to get the hype train well and truly out of the station. For both veterans and new players alike, this is by far the juiciest announcement Arenanet have made, containing some huge reveals and details about the new content and new ways to play the game.

The Path that Ended - Thoughts on the End of Season 3

The final installment of Living World Season 3 has come at last! One Path Ends, the highly-anticipated ending to the third season of the game’s lauded Living World, brings the Heart of Thorns cycle to an end and prepares the game for its second expansion, with a live announcement set for Tuesday the 1st of August. This episode attempts to conclude some of the stories opened at the launch of the season, as well as adding more depth to the tale.

Returning to Orr

After a shocking reveal that Balthazar, human god of war, has returned to Tyria and is absorbing the power of the Elder Dragons as well as a large portion of the Maguuma Bloodstone, speculation has been going wild about where the mysterious deity will take his campaign next. The final episode of Living World Season 3 will take players back to Orr to see what looks like a new, post-cleansing continent, and the aftermath of both Zhaitan’s defeat and Balthazar’s return.

New Zones & Replayability

The biggest way for Arenanet to add new open world content comes in the form of new and engaging maps, which are accompanied by useful, game changing masteries. It's a tool for putting out exciting content that players can explore and enjoy, and makes the world feel like it is expanding. The issue is that the new maps are becoming deserted as people finish the content, making meta events and rewards harder to obtain for anyone still wanting to try it out.

Down with Grandmaster Marks

Guild Wars 2 Ascended level accessories and weapons are now more simple than ever to obtain, and are where a great deal of stat points come from. The recent additions of new methods to acquire ascended armour from PvP, WvW and the Fractals of the Mists vendor are meant to be new ways to slowly progress your character in your favourite game mode, but have lost a great deal of their appeal due to one simple reason.

AFK Farmers & You

Guild Wars 2 has never been notorious for botting, hacking, or just generally exploiting the game. Sure, occasionally you might see a speed hacker, or evade spammer, or teleporter show up in your reddit feed, maybe a dozen a year if you’re lucky, but generally its kept very much in check and under control by the GMs and developers. Recently though, a problem has been growing in both severity and in number with the rise of AFK farming on the new living world maps.

WvW – The Hype Train Has Arrived!

WvW has just seen the biggest and most well received update for years, perhaps in the game’s history. But as with any patch, last week’s reward update has brought with it both fantastic highlights and some pretty disappointing lows. This article is going to discuss both the pros and cons of the newest reward system for World versus World, and what it means for the game mode going forward.

All Aboard the WvW Hype Train!

This Guild Wars 2 update has so far gotten a huge deal of attention in the game’s community, and is highly anticipated as both a population boost and quality of life change for the game mode that players have been begging after. Before the patch, I’m going to explain the best ways to get your rewards, what to do as a new player to WvW, as well as a small sneak peek at the tier 3 armor.

Exclusive Interview About the WvW Skirmish Changes and Rewards

Today, ArenaNet announced some sweeping changes to World vs. World in Guild Wars 2. We caught up with GG (Grant Gertz – Producer) and MB (Mckenna Berdrow - Game Designer) to chat about all the new stuff coming in the update (which was blogged about here), and beyond. Read and enjoy!

Balance Patch Aftermath: May 16th

We thought another article would be appropriate for the latest big balance patch to hit Guild Wars 2. This month’s patch saw some of the biggest shake ups to come from the more recent cycle of balancing, giving way to older, less utilized skills and traits and hitting some of the big players. Across the game modes new builds emerged for almost every class in at least one game mode as the condition damage meta continued its steady rise to power (pun intended).

Living World Season 3 - Flashpoint &  Its Anticipated Story

Flashpoint, Guild Wars 2’s penultimate episode in Living World Season 3, brings with it some of the most highly anticipated story of the season to date. Players get to experience the wild a vibrant new map Draconis Mons, which is Guild Wars 2’s first ever fully underground zone.

Finally, We Get Legendary Armor

When Heart of Thorns was announced, one of the key selling points was the release of Legendary Armour, coming with another new feature, raiding. More than 15 months have passed since the release of the expansion, and today is the day that legendary armor finally hits the shelf, and to help players get a proper browse before they buy, we’ve put together a small preview to showcase some of the highlights of this animated armor set.