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Hands On with the Assassin

On August 8th Neowiz delivered on their promise to have the Assassin class in the game, and it's made quite a splash since. While the game is still currently labeled as Early Access, Neowiz was kind enough to give us a fully leveled character so that we could taste a little of what makes the Assassin stand out and why a Bless fan might be interested in giving them the opportunity to become their new Main Character.

Returning to Guild Wars 2 – Class Choice - Continued

In my last article on Returning to Guild Wars 2 we spoke about the very first thing returning players need to contend with, and that is their class choice. In this article we will continue down the list of classes, detailing the remaining classes and how they fare for new players as they learn to approach the multitude of changes Arenanet may have imposed over the course of their time away from Tyria.

Returning to GW2 - Class Choice

Guild Wars 2 has been around for nearly 6 years, and if you’re a die-hard MMORPG player, chances are at some point you’ve tried it, and if you were initially taken with it, you may still be playing it today. For much of the rest of the MMORPG player base, they may have found their time in Tyria short-lived, banking on updates and changes to the game to entice them back.

Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Black Lion Chests (Lootboxes)?

It is the age of the Loot Box. In their simplest form they are miniature RNG loot containers, but in their most devious form they are Pay to Play slot machines with deceiving rewards. Guild Wars 2 has implemented these loot boxes in the form of Black Lion Chests for a very long time, and with loot boxes under the microscope both by gamers and governments alike, is it time that we say goodbye to Black Lion Chests for good?

Early Access Review – Is the 3rd Time the Charm?

After two weeks and one first impressions article later, much has happened and even more has changed in the highly critiqued roller coaster launch of Neowiz’s western early access launch of Bless Online. In its current state, Bless online offers a modicum of subtle victories hidden behind ostentatious gameplay, features that rarely hit the mark. With two prior rocky launches is Bless Online worth the cost for entrance now, or should buyers beware?

A Case Against Water Combat (and in Favor of Anything Else)

In Guild Wars 2 we have had opportunities to take to the skies, dive into the depths of volcanoes, explore dangerous jungles and even tarry in the after life to some degree. Throughout the starkly different landscapes and mediums of Gameplay players have experienced, there has always been an underlying consensus from the greater populous. Under water combat is bad. If you disagree, I refuse to apologize, and will vehemently fight you on this.

Review in Progress - First Steps & Early Days

With dozens of hours under my belt, and server stability problems subsiding, does Bless have what it takes to rally players all the way to its official launch in August, or is the western release of Bless just another misstep in an abundance of disappointing regional releases?

Lackadaisical Wilderness

Survival, the first frontier. Many games have delved into the premise of basic survival, with game features such as building, crafting, enduring the treacherous wilderness, and having fun doing these things. Wild Terra Online by Juvty Worlds Ltd. looks to double down on the hardcore-ness of survival games in this player-controlled sandbox RPG where it is up to the players to fill many of the traditional roles once performed by NPCs.

Exploring Monetization with Neowiz

We recently learned a lot more about Bless Online after a press event. However, the game's monetization emerged as one of the most controversial aspects stemming from the event. We had the opportunity to chat with Neowiz about the concerns of the community and to submit questions for clarification on the issue. Read on!

Press Event Playtest – Monetization and Cash Shop

Bless Online’s recent press event provided the final piece of the MMO pie, and arguably the most important piece, Monetization. In the Korean and Japanese versions of Bless, the game is decidedly free to play, but how has Neowiz changed their position for the western audience, and how will that change affect any cash shop they plan in the game?

Press Event Playtest: More Blessness

In this article I will outline some of the features that we’ve already known about Bless, but in more detail in according to my personal experience after my hands-on experience during the press event. Whether you have been following Bless Online or you are brand new to Bless’ feature set, brace yourself for a bevy of incoming information.

Press Event Playtest: Combat Preview

Bless is a title that has been around for several years in Korea and more recently, it has had some success with a Japan release. Now with some hefty changes for western audiences, Neowiz is bringing Bless to Europe and North America. I was blessed enough (pun intended) to get some hands-on time with Bless Online at the Press Event to check out the changes, speak with the developers, and experience in-depth gameplay first hand.

How Heart of Thorns Failed & Path of Fire Succeeded

In Guild Wars 2, we have had two expansions released with accompanying living world content. While opinions may differ on whether Heart of Thorns satiated the player base that clamored for more content, I’m here to make the argument that the content in the jungles of Maguuma made some substantial missteps that were eventually made right by release of the Path of Fire expansion.

Talking Titans with the Dev Team

Did you happen to miss the GameSpace Game Show last Friday? Have no fear, the quick recap is here! On the last show, the GS2 team was met by the development studio Missing Worlds Media and the team behind City of Titans which included the Project Lead, Chris “Warcabbit” Hare, the Business Director, David “Terwyn” James, the Technical Director, Nate “Doctor Tyche” Downes and their Gameplay Design Specialist, Spiro “Tannim” Raxiotis.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500P Mesh Review – Best Case Scenario

A case can say a lot about a gamer, from revealing pieces of their personality or even something as simple as, “this is what I can afford.” Cooler Master aimed to hit the mark of a high-end case with the MCH500P, but does it truly have what it takes to make your gaming rig shine while keeping your wallet happy?