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Steven has been a writer at MMORPG.COM since 2017. A lover of many different genres, he finds he spends most of his game time in action RPGs, and talking about himself in 3rd person on his biography page.

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Grounded's Newest Koi Pond Update Brings Fun-Sized Aquatic Exploration

Grounded, the miniaturized, early access action-survival title from Obsidian, has made a lot of progress since its initial release on Microsoft's Game Pass and Steam back in July. With over 1 million players and growing, Obsidian isn't content with resting on Grounded's initial success, and has since updated the game with birds, mutations, ziplines, and now players will finally get to dive into the depths of the Koi Pond.

Aion's 12th Anniversary Announcement Points to a Possible Classic Server

In a post on the Korean AION plaync site, a cryptic message surfaces that many believe points to the possibility of a classic server. The Korean translation reads "The memories of the Deva will become reality." It then points to a date of October 28th, 2020.

Dual Universe Bans Marketplace Thieves - Community Reacts

In a recent reddit post, players have stolen a marketplace in Dual Universe. No, not just the items in the marketplace, but the entirety of the marketplace as a whole. The development team has responded in several ways, but to much of the dismay of the players, they have also banned the players involved.

Elder Scrolls Online Provides Scary Rewards for the Witches Festival

The Witches Festival in Elder Scrolls Online goes live today, and will run through Tuesday November 3rd, providing ample rewards for all adventurers courageous enough to endure the horror that they may encounter. Players can earn some spooky rewards, as well as find some especially creepy crown store deals.

Dual Universe Players Host an Aerospace Expo Event with Over 700 Ships Showcased

Dual Universe just had its first Zenith Aerospace Expo, hosted by Zenith Corporation at the Zenith Spaceport. If Zenith hasn't been said enough yet, allow me to say it at least once more as it might pique your interest to know that the Zenith Aerospace Expo was a completely player-driven event where over 700 ships and 1000 visitors participated.

Black Desert Online Adds Succession Skills to Four More Classes, Pre-Creation for Guardian Class Available

In today's latest content update for Black Desert Online players will now be able to use the Succession skills on four more classes, Musa, Witch, Wizard and Dark Knight. Succession allows players to utilize their classes original weapons instead of their Awakened weapons, along with new skills that are meant to be as powerful as Awakened kits.

Gamigo Announces New Game in Atlas Universe - Atlas Rogues

Gamigo has announced a new game Atlas Rogues, a turn-based 4-player PvE tactic game. In the Reddit announcement, they reveal some of the game's features, along with a separate megathread where they intend to answer the community's questions.

Grinding Gear Games Gives Insight into Development of Path of Exile's Expansions

In a recent forum post by the Path of Exile team, Grinding Gear Games talks about the next expansion, and how development differs from previous expansions. The post outlines the hardships the team has gone through, and the hardships that continue to challenge them as they aim to release their next expansion in December. 23

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.35 Releases, New Items, Content and More

The latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV has released with a ton of content, items and fixes along with it for adventurers looking for more content. Patch 5.35 introduces new quests, new housing items, emotes and hairstyles, and a new PvP mode to name a few.

New World Headed Back to Alpha Testing, Update Notes Provided

The latest article on the New World site acknowledges that previous tests have fulfilled their purpose, and now points to the next alpha phase where plans to test new designs, implement changes and hopefully break the game in hopes to better fix it, will be ongoing.

Fractured Fall Alpha Starts November 4th

In a noticed released earlier today by the Dynamight Studios team, Fractured is planning their Fall alpha version November 4th. The team has pointed back to a ton of updates they've released to the game over the course of the past several weeks in preparation for the test.

World of Warcraft - 2 Highly Rated PvP Players Banned from Competitive Play for Bad Behavior

In a recent post on World of Warcrafts news page, two out of three of the players banned from competitive play were indefinitely banned due to bad behavior. The Arena World Championship and Mythic Dungeon International programs have very specific rules regarding behaviors, which both players did not adhere to.

Marvel's Avengers Posts State of the Game Blog - Offers Freebies to Show Appreciation

Crystal Dynamics has released their State of the Game for Marvel's Avengers that they had mentioned was on the way, and would answer a lot of questions players have had over the direction the game is headed in. Championed by Scott Amos, the Crystal Dynamics Studio Head, the blog also goes over many "areas of impact" - essentially issues the game has had that Crystal Dynamics has been working to improve.

Marvel's Avengers Releases New Content, Bug Fixes, and Increased Rewards

Yesterday Crystal Dynamics rolled out a new patch with a bunch of bug fixes, quality of life features, and increased rewards. In addition to the fixes and features, new content rolls out today in the form of Tachyon Rifts and a new outpost known as the Shield Substation Zero outpost.

Skyforge is Available on GeForce Now, Starting Today

MY.GAMES has now opted in to allow Skyforge to run on the GeForce Now cloud gaming platform. Skyforge will now be available wherever GeForce Now can stream, which includes all manner of PC's Mac, Shield TV and Android devices.