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A highly opinionated avid PC gamer, Poorna blindly panics with his friends in various multiplayer games, much to the detriment of his team. Constantly questioning industry practices and a passion for technological progress drive his love for the video game industry. He pulls no punches and tells it like he sees it. He runs a podcast, Gaming The Industry, with fellow writer, Joseph Bradford, discussing industry practices and their effects on consumers.

February 2018
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September 2020
Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Live

Guild Wars 2's annual winter event, Wintersday, is now live.

Warcraft III: Reforged Delayed to January 28, 2020

Warcraft 3 Reforged has been delayed till January 28, 2020 in an update from Blizzard earlier.

Ivara Prime for Warframe Available Now On PC

Warframe's Ivara Prime is available now on PC, with consoles soon to follow.

SWTOR PTS Updated With Upcoming Alderaan Stronghold

A new SWTOR update brings the Alderaan Stronghold to PTS.

Elder Scrolls Online New Life Festival Hit December 19

The New Life Festival begins on December 19 in Elder Scrolls Online and brings new items.

TERA Yule War and Santa Event Have Begun

TERA looks like it's receiving two winter-themed events all about Santa.

New World Dev Diary Explores Mysteries of Aeternum

A new New World developer diary has just released from Amazon Game Studios.

WOTC President: "Seven or Eight" D&D Video Games In the Works

There are about "seven or eight" Dungeons & Dragons games in the works according to Wizards of the Coast President, Chris Cocks.

New World Won't feature forced PVP according to interview with German website

In an interview with German site MMO.de, New World Game Director Scot Lang seemingly confirms that the upcoming MMO will not feature forced PvP.

UPDATE: New Star Wars Galaxes Remastered Emu Server Launched

A new Star Wars Galaxies Remastered EMU server has launched. Here are the details.

Warhammer: Chaosbane Tomb Kings DLC Out on Steam, Consoles Early 2020

Warhammer Chaosbane's newest DLC, Tomb Kings, is out now on Steam with releases for Xbox One and PS4 scheduled for 2020.

Rise of Agon Patch Points to PvP Tweaks and Freemium Launch

Patch notes for sandbox MMORPG Rise of Agon hint at changes to PvP and more.

Black Desert Online Character Creation Video Shows off Guardian Class

A new Black Desert Online video shows off the Guardian class character creator.

Ashes of Creation MMO Q&A Live Stream Today at 2p ET

An Ashes of Creation live stream Q&A will take place today at 2p ET if interested.

Shai & Mystic Awakening Update Coming To Black Desert PS4

Shai and Mystic Awakening updates are coming to Black Desert on PS4.