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10 Tips to Become the Hero You Are Meant to Be

DC Legends is a free to play mobile game with players able to create the dream team out of a full compliment of DC Superheroes and Super-Villains. In an exclusive developer diary, we take a look at 10 Tips to Become the Hero You Are Meant to Be!

Ascension Expansion Nearly Remakes the Game

My.com recently announced a new expansion for Skyforge called Ascension -- essentially a game-changer for everyone with big impactful changes coming with it. We had the opportunity to learn more from My.com Creative Director Alexander Pan'kov.

Enjoyable, If Ultimately Unspectactular

Faster than you can say: “hey! Get those smudgy fingers off my screen”, we have another iOS action RPG teasing us all to smear-up our once pristine glass. Kabam’s Spirit Lords is a lot like all of those other games you’ve played - namely Torchlight and Diablo – but this time you can control affairs ala Tom Cruise in Minority Report; and that’s cool, right?

Chaos Heroes Online: First Look Interview

Chaos Heroes Online is a new MOBA hitting the market that is setting out to be something new in the genre. Find out more about Chaos Heroes Online in our exclusive interview.

Tamriel Trading Tips

Making cash in Elder Scrolls Online can be difficult, here are a few tips from Iron Ore baron Adam Tingle to make you rich in Tamriel.

Character Development, Frustration, & Mechanics

I've got to be totally honest, I didn't get Demon or Dark Souls. They seem to be part of that exclusive group of love 'em or hate 'em games that just don't do indifference. To some the Souls' series are frustration and pain ploughed onto a disc, and to others it's somewhere nearer fantasy perfection.

The Decline of MMORPGs

Give me a moment to get down dirty and all controversial. Think of this statement as a written, MMO-centric cousin to the Miley Cyrus 'twerk' or even the last howl of a man with nothing left to lose. Ready? The MMORPG genre is in decline. I'm sensing a thousand crazy eyes glaring in my direction, but like an intrepid adventurer I'll continue to pose my declaration of war.

Wasteland 2: About 30% Finished and Awesome

One of my all-time-top-ten-life-decisions (hey, I'm 23 there haven't been many) is when I traded-in Wario Land on Gameboy and made off with Fallout 2. In an act of incredible foresight, and laughable PEGI standards, I managed to snag one of the greatest RPGs ever simply on the basis that I thought the 'guy on the box looks proper cool'.

A Year in Review

Now that the new year has officially debuted, it's time to take a look back at 2013 and the MMOs that we loved...or not. Read the latest from Adam Tingle to see what he feels are the highlights of the year 2013. Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition: D&D Perfection

Most MMO players look fondly back at one or two single player RPGs that 'changed their lives'. One of the most commonly heard names is Baldur's Gate 2. Recently an 'enhanced edition' arrived on scene. We take a look at how the new edition meets a new generation of gamers in today's RPG Files. Read on and then let us know about your BG2 memories and experiences with the enhanced edition in the comments.

Tears of Veeshan & Assorted MMORPG Expansions

Game expansions are the lifeblood for longevity of the MMOs we love to play. In his latest column, Adam Tingle talks about expansions in general and about EverQuest: Tears of Veeshan in particular. Read on before heading to the forums to chat.

How to Review?

In Adam's latest Tingle's Touchy Subjects, he takes a look at the review process, how it works, when it doesn't and much more. It's a terrific read that you won't want to miss. Head to the forums to chat about it when you're finished.

Why No HD Remakes?

There are a lot of aging MMOs that are skipped over by many players simply because they lack a graphical look for today's world. In our latest Tingle's Touchy Subjects, we take a look at the need for HD remakes of some of the genre's classic titles. Read on before heading to the comments to leave your thoughts.

Your New Console

In today's Tingle's Touchy Subjects, we take a look at the brewing console wars. It's a battle royal and one we'd like to hear more of your thoughts on in the comments. Read on!

Endgame Smendgame

Ah, the much-maligned and ballyhooed end game conversation. One of our favorites, and that of our readers, to be sure. In today's Tinge's Touchy Subject, we talk about the most controversial of subjects. Read on before heading to the comments to thrash it out yet again!