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September 2006
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PvP For All

PvP should be for everyone but, sadly, often those who are new to PvP or who have chosen other paths in an MMO feel excluded from what could be a great game aspect. In our latest Social Hub column, we take a look at ways to bring in potential PvPers. Read on!

Ask Not What Your MMO Can Do For You...

In today's social hub, we take a look at the ways that players can create a sense of community within MMOs even if the opportunities provided by the developers themselves. See what we suggest and then add your ideas to the comments.

Definining 'Bad' Community Behavior

'Bad' behavior in any setting is a highly subjective call but seems even more so in MMOs. In our latest Social Hub, we take a look at how 'bad' can be interpreted. See what we came up with before heading to the comments to add your thoughts.

The Lasting Impact of Voice Chat

Voice chat is both bane and boon to players in MMOs these days. It's a great thing for strategy, for getting to know new people, for the fun of talking while playing. It can be a problem, however, as player isolate themselves into small groups. In our latest Social Hub column, we take a look at voice chat from both sides. Read on and then leave your opinions in the comments.

Promoting RP is Good for Community

In the second in a series of articles spotlighting the importance of community in MMOs, we take a look at why we believe it's in developers' best interest to encourage roleplay. See why we think so before letting us know if you agree or not in the comments.

Where Have All the Roleplayers Gone?

It's funny that the games we adore are called MMO-RPGs since it seems that much of the roleplay part of our games has disappeared. In our latest Social Hub column, we wonder where the roleplayers have gone and offer a few thoughts about how to recapture the magic. Read on and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

Impossibly Driven By Hope?

In our latest Social Hub column, we take a look at the KickStarter hopeful, Camelot Unchained. The game, at least in these earliest days, seems to be bent on reviving true community spirit in MMOs. See why we think so before heading to the comments.

How Riot Invests in Community

During the recent PAX East convention, Riot Games maintained a big presence. What made it something special was the obvious grooming of community for League of Legends. We have a full take on how Riot is investing in its community. Check it out before leaving your thoughts in the comments.

GW2 and Rift - More Social or Just Different?

Back in the old days, being social in an MMO wasn't merely for fun but was a necessity. Then things changed. But the pendulum swings yet again and MMOs are becoming increasingly social out of need. In today's Social Hub, we take a look at Guild Wars 2 and Rift, two games that are bringing back old school social gaming. Check it out and then head to the comments.

Getting the Stars to Realign

One of the things that profoundly affects any community is the closure of a game to which its been devoted. In a new column today, we take a look at what "losing" a game means in the bigger picture. Check it out before leaving your thoughts in the comments.

What Makes a 'Good' Community?

In the inaugural edition of The Social Hub column, Christina Gonzalez muses on what makes a good MMO community. That answer might depend on who you're asking.

Handling the Heroes at NYCC

Our own Christina Gonzalez got her mitts on Gazillion's Marvel Heroes during NYCC this year. After killing baddies with Storm, Deadpool, and Iron Man this is what she had to report. TLDR version? It's a ton of fun. Go forth and read more!

Going Beyond Pretty Visuals

During last weekend's New York Comic Con, Snail Games developers showed off Age of Wushu, its upcoming martial-arts inspired MMO. We had the opportunity for a great firsthand look at Age of Wushu so keep reading and then let us know what you think in the comments!

Freedom of Choice in Tyria

During last weekend's closed beta event, we had all hands on deck for game play analysis. In our latest feature, we give some of our thoughts about what we saw, what we experienced and more. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Crafting Preview

During this past weekend's Guild Wars 2 closed beta event, we spent some time learning some of the intricacies of the crafting system. We've got some thoughts to share about GW2 crafting that you won't want to miss. Did you try it? Let us know what you think in the comments.