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Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 2 is Coming September 21st

Age of War Chapter 2 for Conan Exiles will be arriving on September 21st. Expect a rework of Purges, improved loot across the game to be more interesting, useful, and contextually-related.

Defend Sandwurm Eggs From Enemy Waves in New World's Siege of Sulfur Event

Next week, New World will begin the Siege of Sulfur event, challenging players to defend sandwurm eggs from waves of enemies for some potential and some guaranteed rewards.

Skull and Bones Beta is On Now, With No NDA, and Ubisoft Has Tips and Invites

The Skull and Bones closed beta is on now. If you have an invite and some time to launch your pirate adventures, Ubisoft has some guidelines and advice on what you should know about the beta.

Baldur's Gate 3 Gets First Big Patch, Larian Confirms Launch on Xbox This Year, With Cross-Save

Microsoft and Larian Studios have arrived at a compromise that allows for Baldur's Gate 3 on Xbox this year, with cross save on all platforms. Larian also released the first big patch, with more than 1,000 fixes.

ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained to Merge into One Experience in November

ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained will soon merge into one experience, Kakao Games announced. A lot of data is going to move, so the team has detailed everything you need to know to prepare.

NetEase Unveils Stylized, Urban Fantasy Open-World RPG Project Mugen

At Gamescom, NetEase announced Project Mugen, a free to play, open world urban fantasy RPG, with a new trailer and details.

Tower of Fantasy 3.2 Update, The Dragon Grove, Gets a New Trailer and Details

Tower of Fantasy is preparing for its next update, version 3.2, The Dragon Grove. The update is coming September 5th, and there's a new trailer and new details for what's on the way.

Diablo III PTR for Final Original Seaosn, Visions of Enmity, Gets Tweaks After Feedback

Diablo 3 has made some tweaks to the second half ofthe PTR for Visions of Enmity, the final all-new season.

Historically-Inspired 4X Strategy Game Humankind Launches on Xbox and PlayStation Consoles

Amplitude Studios', turn-based 4x strategy game, Humankind, is out on on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and is also on Xbox Gamepass.

New Details on How Amazon is Changing Throne and Liberty for Western Audiences

A new interview from Gamescom sheds some light on some of Amazon's plans for its release of NCSoft's Throne and Liberty. Topics covered include PvP, concerns over autoplay, monetization, combat, and possible console release.

New Closed Beta Begins Tomorrow for Ubisoft's Skull and Bones

Starting tomorrow, Skull and Bones is getting a new closed beta. This NDA-free test will let players explore some areas and take on a portion of the main story contracts.

BioWare Lays off 50 People to Restructure into 'Agile' Team Focused on Core Single-Player Franchises

A restructuring at BioWare as a more "agile" team will mean about 50 layoffs as the company focuses on its single-player franchises, Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

All the Bosses and Details About the Split Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon Coming to World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is bringing the Dawn of the Infinite Mythic+ mega-dungeon into a new phase, splitting it into two dungeons in Heroic or Mythic difficulties in Fury Incarnate.

Black Desert Online Adds New High-Level Challenging Region, Ulukita, While Console Version Starts Giveaways

Pearl Abyss has a few big updates for Black Desert Online, including a brand new territory out today on PC. Black Desert Console is marking an anniversary with some giveaways.

Lost Ark Releases Details on European Region Merge Coming Next Week

Lost Ark's move to a single European server region is coming on August 30th, and the team has details on how it will all work.