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DreamWorld Opens Up Early Access and Adds a Free Trial to See What It's All About

The arrival of DreamWorld in Early Access comes with a launch discount and a free trial, which could help dispel some of the lingering controversy with the game.

After Promising Better Communication, Guild Wars 2 To Preview October's Balance Update This Friday

After promising better communication and transparency, Guild Wars 2 will preview October's major balance update this Friday, with full notes and time for feedback.

Firesong, The Elder Scrolls Online's Final Legacy of the Bretaons Story DLC, To Be Revealed Friday

With Lost Depths out on all platforms, Zenimax will reveal details on Firesong, The Elder Scrolls Online's upcomign story DLC that will close out the Legacy of the Bretons saga.

Ubisoft Sets the Stage For Skull and Bones With New Gameplay and World Context Trailers

Ubisoft debuts two new trailers for Skull and Bones, including an action-packed gameplay trailer and one setting up the context of the world and story.

Albion Online Will Overhaul Roads of Avalon and Add the Mists, Solo Content With New Creatures and Exclusives

Changes are coming to Albion Online. First up, the Roads of Avalon are getting a visual update and being reworked into a small-group, competitive focused area. Also coming are the Mists, new solo PvE/PvP content with exclusive creatures and loot.

Black Desert Online Reaches 50 Million Registered Accounts, Steam Free Week Starts Today

Pearl Abyss is celebrating 50 million Black Desert Online player registrations since the game's launch, alongside Pearl Abyss' own 12th anniversary. There are ongoing events, and a Steam free play week beginning today.

Boundless Has Been Acquired By Monumental, Joining Crowfall and Mythgard On Its Roster

Monumental, the Texas-based company that most recently acquired Crowfall, has now acquired open-world, cross-platform sandbox MMO Boundless.

Chimeraland Adds Dululululu, Its First Noble Evolutionary Flower Fairy

Dululululu, Chimeraland's first Noble Evolutionary Flower Fairy, will give you a challenge and some advantages.

Blizzard Accidentally Begins the Scourge Invasion Early in World of Warcraft Classic

The Scourge Invasion has begun earlier than expected in World of Warcraft Classic. After planning for it to start several days from now, Classic players have some more time to take it all in before Wrath Classic is out.

Atlas Sets Kraken Bowl Dates and Will End Its Current Season on September 21st With Latest Wipe

It's almost time again for a server wipe in Atlas, heralding a new season. But before then, the traditional Kraken Bowl has dates.

Preview Outposts, Settlements, and Forts, and How to Plunder Them in Skull and Bones

A recent devblog from the Skull and Bones team introduces outposts, settlements, and forts, what to expect from these locations, and how to potentially plunder them.

Lost Ark Details Upcoming Server Merges and Announces Compensation for Extended Downtime This Week

The Lost Ark team has unveiled plans for the first round of server merges coming September 28th. Several regional merges will happen, and some server names will change. There's a FAQ on what to expect from any systems and items post-merge.

Learn About Fractured Online's Wildfolk Before the New Race Arrives in Next Week's Early Access Launch

The Fractured Online team has released a deep dive into what you should know about the Wildfolk and their lush planet of Arboreus before Early Access opens next week.

Preview Tower of Fantasy's Coming Expansion, the City of Mirroria, a New Boss, and More

The new expansion for Tower of Fantasy is coming, and today, Hotta Studio presented an all-new preview, including a boss and the mysterious city of Mirroria. 

Zenith: The Last City Opens PTR for 1.1.9, With Beachy Cosmetic Gear, Fixes, and New Accessibility Options

The next minor update for Zenith: The Last City is now on the PTR. The patch includes new cosmetic gear, fixes, and some new, community-requested accessibility options.