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Overwatch League is Officially Dead, Activision Blizzard Confirms 'Transition'

The Overwatch League is officially dead, as Activision Blizzard confirms they're moving on and "evolving competitive Overwatch".

ArcheAge 2 to Be More PvE and Group Focused, A Departure from Large-Scale Faction War PvP

ArcheAge 2 is still on the way, with reveals and closed beta later in 2024. Kakao Games has an eye on Western audiences and a shift in focus from large-scale faction PvP to something more group and PvE-oriented.

Greg Street's Fantastic Pixel Castle Holds First Ghost Q&A, Sharing First Details On Servers, Classes, and More

Members of Fantastic Pixel Castle, including Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street held their first AMA today to discuss their first MMORPG, Ghost. From sandbox gameplay, different server types, dozens of class possibilities, to transparent development and more.

World of Warships Overhauls Commander Skills, Adds New ships and Celebrates 6 Years on Steam With Giveaways

World of Warships gets some new features, new ships, overhauls to Commander skills, and some special anniversary goodies.

WB Games Will Focus on Always-On, Live Service for Its Biggest Franchises

WB Games is making some moves to grow its presence in live-service games, at least according to the company's Q3 earnings call.

The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Khajit Private Investigator Mizzik Thunderboots

The Elder Scrolls Online team has a new lore feature in its Meet the Character series, and this one is all about dapper Khajiit private investigator Mizzik Thunderboots. 

Guardians of the Dream is Live Following Extended Maintenance

After some patch day maintenance was needed, and extended a couple of times, World of Warcraft's Guardians of the Dream update has successfully gone live. Now's your chance to explore a new zone, continue Dragonflight story, open Season 3, chase some new gear, and stop Fyrakk's plans.

World of Warcraft Extends Maintenance and Pushes Back Opening of Guardians of the Dream

Update 10.2, Guardians of the Dream is still set to go live today in World of Warcraft. Blizzard has delayed the update for maintenance, and continues to provide updates.

Lost Ark Details the Scythe-Wielding, Dead-Summoning, Souleater Assassin Subclass, Coming Next Week

On November 15th, Lost Ark gets its latest new class, the Souleater, arriving to offer a new Assassin subclass for those who want to wield a giant scythe, collect enemies' souls, and even summon the dead.

Darkest Dungeon II Getting First DLC, 'The Binding Blade', in December

Darkest Dungeon II is getting its first DLC in December, following 1.0 release out of Early Access back in May. The new DLC, "The Binding Blade", adds two new playable heroes, a new mini-boss, and more to discover.

Palia Adds a Bunch of New, Free Customization Options, Including For Existing Characters

Palia has added a series of new, free character customization options, added Starstones to mining nodes, raised some housing limits, and more quality of life  additions and improvements.

Ubisoft is the Latest to Lay Off Employees, But Emphasizes They're Not on Production Teams

Looks like Ubisoft is the latest company to lay off a number of employees. The studio confirmed the decision to lay off employees, but added that none are on production teams.

Tower of Fantasy Butterfly in the Abyss Sends Us Deeper info Marshville, Offering New Bosses, Mode, and Rewards

Tower of Fantasy 3.4, Butterfly in the Abyss, is coming on November 21st. Head further into Marshville, where the bitter winds blow, and even more dangers lurk.

ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained Will Merge into a Single Game on November 30th

ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained will be merged into a single game experience on November 30th. Kakao Games has released all of the merge details, including how accounts, subscriptions, character names, housing, and everything else will be handled.

Abyss Opens Signups for Playtesting and Puts Game on Steep Pre-order Sale

Abyss is taking signups for its next playtest and offering a steep discount on a pre-order, ahead of a target release for next spring.