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The Cult of the Dragon Return in Neverwinter's Free Battle Pass in October

Neverwinter has some surprises in store with the Jewel of the North module. Launching on October 1st, Cult of the Dragon returns and there will be a free battle pass included along with other goodies to earn and unlock during the ongoing, changing campaign.

Family FriendlySci-Fi MMO NEO 2045 Launching on September 23rd

VR Realms announced that its family-friendly sci-fi action MMO, NEO 2045, will exit open beta and launch on PC and mobile on September 23rd. The game draws from various genres to create a kid-friendly free to play package.

Warframe Nidius Prime Update Brings New Weapon and Operation: Plague Star

The latest update and rotation for Warframe has Nidius Prime making his debut on all platforms and the return of Operation: Plague Star.

Jagex Orders RuneLite Shut Down, But Now in Discussion To Work With Developers

RuneLite developer 117 posted about having received a notice from Jagex to shut it down and stop development. The reasoning for the request was given in the letter as Jagex is developing an in-house HD visual upgrade. Still, there's some discussion on a future role.

Black Desert Online Revamps Conquest War Performance

Black Desert Online is revamping Conquest War with upscaled graphics and new updates based on community feedback. The new update also sets things up for a couple of other events this month aside from the popular territory battles.

Albion Online Devtalk Details Upcoming War Gloves and HQ Hideouts

The newest Albion Online dev talk is out, and with it come details of some new upcoming features - War Gloves and HQ Hideouts, which bring new weapons, a new Hideout system, and more.

Gordon Walton Confirms Crowfall Layoffs and Details What's Next

In his latest Founders' Update, Crowfall Executive Producer Gordon Walton confirmed the recent report of layoffs on the team, while also detailing what's in the works for the game.

Fly While Dead with WoW's PTR 9.1.5 Update

World of Warcraft's 9.1.5 PTR update features many quality of life updates, but one in particular looks to make one common task much easier for all. Now you will be able to fly while dead.

No Downtime Again in EVE Online on September 9th

There's going to be another no downtime experiment in EVE, after experiments and data collected showed improvements in downtime reduction. This new experiment is dated for Thursday, September 9th.

EVGA: New World GPU issue Caused By Production Issue

Amazon's MMO New World is almost here, and while it has been a bit of a bumpy road, there is one concern that players can now relax about. Back in July, there were reports of bricked graphics cards after spending time in the New World closed beta. An EVGA investigation and found the culprit was a production issue.

Rogue Company Update Adds New Rogue Runway and Weapon Mastery System

Rogue Company has just added a new update, featuring a new Rogue - Runway. The update also adds in a new weapon, Hydra, a new weapon mastery system, a shooting range, and new rewards.

World of Warships Anniversary Event & Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry Coming

World of Warships is marking its 6th anniversary with the new 0.10.8 update. This update brings with it some new challenges, special loot, and ship releases.

Albion Online Season 13 Crystal League Championship in September

Albion Online will hold Season 13 of the Crystal League Championship this month, from September 18-19th. Crystal League players will clash for glory and prizes. 

The Wonders of Gond Returns to Neverwinter Sept 9th on Console, PC in October

Neverwinter's Wonders of Gond event, will be back on consoles this week, starting on Thursday, September 9th at 7:30AM PST. Find the Clerics of Gond and take down a variety of creatures to get Wondrous Grommets to make into other parts, as well as other, rarer reward pieces usable in crafting even more impressive items. 

Report: Crowfall Team Seeing Layoffs

Over the weekend, there were reports coming in that ArtCraft has laid off some of the Crowfall team. While there hasn't been an official announcement, Val Massey, who spent five years in community management for Crowfall, tweeted "Gutted and gobsmacked to hear about the @ArtCraftEnt layoffs today. " The number of affected team members is unknown.