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The Sirens' Prize, Sea of Thieves' Latest Limited Adventure, is Live Ahead of Community Day This Weekend

It's time for the next chapter of challenges in Sea of Thieves. The latest Adventure, The Sirens' Prize, debuts today ahead of this weekend's Community Day.

New World Opening Three Additional New Servers to Support Population Growth

New World  is opening up even more new servers in three regions to support growing population ahead of next month's huge Brimstone Sands update.

Warframe Opens Permanent Prime Resurgence For Less-Grindy, Less Random Access to New Warframes

Live on all platforms today, Warframe gets a permanent Prime Resurgence, replacing the Prime Vault. The new system will have more frequent rotations, and let you earn Warframes and gear with less grind and randomness.

DC Universe Online Opens Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower Event and Reveals a Roadmap For The Rest of 2022

Dimensional Ink is loading up DC Universe Online for a slate of activities for fall, with the Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower seasonal event now, Episode 44: Sins of Black Adam in October, and a content roadmap to see out 2022.

Blizzard Shares Wrath of the Lich King Classic Global Unlock Times Along With a Starter Compilation

Blizzard has shared a compilation of what you should know before Wrath of the Lich King Classic opens up later this month. They also released the list of global unlock times for the new expansion.

Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island Update Will Add Co-op Raid, New Simulacrum Claudia, and Events

This fall, Tower of Fantasy is preparing for some big updates. Tomorrow, 1.5 Artificial Island arrives, bringing new simulacrum Claudia, an 8-player co-op raid, new content, and several events.

Blade & Soul Autumn Overture Update Opens Up Several Rewarding Events, and Adds New Cosmetics

Today, Blade & Soul gets the new Autumn Overture update, opening up three new events, packing in the rewards, and adding some new cosmetic items for customization.

Albion Online Adds Japanese and Italian Support and New Guild Finder Ahead of Season 17

Albion Online is expanding with its latest patch, adding both Japanese and Italian language support,  introducing a Guild Finder, and setting up guild season changes.

Star Wars Galaxies Restoration Will Release 1.0 on September 17th, With Further Plans Outlined

On September 17th, Star Wars Galaxies Restoration will officially come out of Early Access and launch 1.0. The team also outlined upcoming release plans.

EverQuest Will Offer Level 100 Heroic Characters For Sale Next Week, But No Free Characters At This Time

Next week, EverQuest will be getting new level 100 Heroic characters for sale,  along with a number of bonuses and gear to take on Norrath.

Blizzard Opens Another Wrath of the Lich King Classic Fresh Start Server in North America and Europe

World of Warcraft Classic is getting two additional Fresh Start servers for Wrath of the Lich King Classic after strong community demand in North America and Europe. Blizzard also made Battlegrounds easier to queue for.

Return to The Tower of Nightmares in Episode 4 of Living World Season 1 for Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2's latest update brings episode 4 of Living World Season 1, Tower of Nightmares, back starting today, while the rest of the update fixes several issues.

Final Fantasy XIV Update Fixes Issues, and Applies Balance Changes to Raids and Classes

Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.21 is live, bringing some balance changes to raids and jobs, and a series of fixes for known issues.

EVE Online Soft Launches Spanish Client, Invites Community to Give Feedback Before Full Q4 Release

CCP has released a soft launch of its Spanish-language EVE Online client, asking for player feedback as they work on a full launch in Q4.

Black Desert Mobile's Fairies and Magical Creatures Update is Live With a New Fairy Companion

The new Fairies and Magical Creatures update for Black Desert Mobile is live, and it brings a fairy companion, the ability to build a fairy house to raise it, as well as new events, and quests.