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'Should Everything be a Live Game?' Scott Hartsman Weighs in On When Devs Should Reconsider

Scott Hartsman has some thoughts on the prevalence of live-service games in a new blog that asks the question - "Should Everything be a Live Game?".

Amazon Games Confirms Layoffs of About 180 Employees, a Refocus on Prime Gaming Benefit to Customers

Amazon Games has confirmed another round of layoffs, this time affecting around 180 people. This comes with a promise to refocus on Prime Gaming benefits for consumers, and at a time of many industry layoffs.

New World Previews the Narrative, Characters, and Exploring New and Familiar Places in Eternal Frost

Now that Amazon has revealed Eternal Frost, Season Four for New World, the team has begun to fill in some of the blanks about the upcoming content. Today, we get a preview of the coming season's narrative and characters.

Guild Wars 2 Previews New Weapons & Proficiencies Coming in 2024, Ahead of Beta This Month

ArenaNet is talking expanded weapon proficiencies coming to Guild Wars 2 in 2024, and there are some new previews for the Thief's axe and staff for the Warrior.

Ilysia VR Early Access Trailer Shows off The Experience, and Devs Promise Future Content Reveals Soon.

VR MMORPG Ilysia has entered Early Access, and Team 21 Studio has a new trailer and some more on what is on the way.

Tarisland Second Closed Beta Pre-Load Available, Plus a Chance to Take Part Even Without Invites

Tarisland's second closed beta will begin on Wednesday, November 15th, and for those invited, pre-load has already begun. The team is also previewing one of two new classes in the beta, as well as details on some of what testers can expect this round.

Blizzard's Samwise Didier Retires After More Than 30 Years

Blizzard's Samwise Didier is retiring after more than three decades of shaping the look and feel of several of the biggest franchises on the planet.

Raph Koster's Insights: The Future of Gaming, Soaring Budgets, and the Role of AI

Raph Koster participated in a recent discussion with Edge Magazine on the use of AI in gaming, and a look towards the future. Among the major issues discussed are soaring budgets, live-service and narrative titles, innovation, and the ways all of these might impact what we'll see in the years ahead.

NCSoft Q3 Shows Growth From PC MMORPGs, but Mobile Releases Contribute to Negative Quarter

In its latest earnings report, NCSoft has another down quarter, primarily from its mobile catalog, while its PC MMORPGs showed growth.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Marks First Anniversary With New Update, 'The Traitor Curse'

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide developer Fatshark has announced a new, two-part update,The Traitor Curse, with a new zone, new mission, and more, to mark the first anniversary.

Naraka: Bladepoint Showcases New Hero, Hadi Ismail, the Visionary, Who Arrives Next Week to Cap Season 10

Naraka: Bladepoint is showcasing its next hero, Hadi Ismail, the Visionary before his arrival next week in the final part of Season 10.

Airship Syndicate Commits To Continued Work on Wayfinder After Digital Extremes Layoffs

After Digital Extremes layoffs and closure of publishing, Wayfinder devs Airship Syndicate commit to moving forward with development as they take over full operations.

Pearl Abyss Returns to Profitability, With Land of the Morning Light a Highlight, EVE IP Dips

The latest Pearl Abyss financial report shows some bright spots, particularly Black Desert Online's Land of the Morning Light expansion, and a return to profitability.

Aika Online Global Brings the Faction PvP MMORPG Back, With Open Beta Launching Today

Aika Online Global is a new global relaunch of Aika Online, with updates and tweaks. The game is being released via a partnership between developer HanbitSoft and publisher CBM Games, with open beta beginning today.

Nexon Releases Q3 Earnings Report, Showing Continued Growth and Naming New CEO

Nexon released its latest earnings report today, with an announcement of a new CEO and an optimistic look ahead to 2024.