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September 2006
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Epic Appeals Judge's Decision in Apple Lawsuit as Not Going Far Enough

Epic Games is appealing last week's ruling in its case against Apple, saying the decision that makes Apple have to allow third-party payment options for apps doesn't go far enough.

RuneLive Update Released after Deal with RuneScape Team

Today, 117Scape's RuneLive update release was confirmed by The Old School RuneScape team as part of a new arrangement between the team and modders to use RuneLive as a bridge to its own client.

City of Titans Dev Talks Movement Powers and Development Progress

City of Titans dev talks development progress, what's to come, movement powers, and more in a new interview.

 Valheim Fireside Chat Details Hearth & Home Update

Valheim devs Iron Gate released a new fireside chat video going into some of the work they've been doing on Hearth & Home and what you can expect.

Join Spawn2gether to Help AbleGamers Raise $1 Million Again

Last year, AbleGamers COO Steven Spohn began Spawn Together, a campaign to raise $1 million to support these efforts and the work the organization does. This week, on September 15th, a new campaign kicks off to continue to support this work.

Guild Wars 2 - World vs. World Major Restructuring Plans Detailed

After plenty of community input, ArenaNet has published an update on major upcoming changes to World vs. World in Guild Wars 2.

Pregistration Open for Ragnarok Origin North American Release

Preregistration is now open for the upcoming mobile MMO Ragnarok Origin's North American Release.

New Membership Perks Coming Soon to EverQuest

EverQuest has unveiled some new subscription Perks options coming in a few weeks that could give your characters some boosts. 

Final Fantasy XI - September Dev Digest and Full Events Slate

September in Final Fantasy XI features a new update, a video dev diary, and lots of rewards to get your hands on in the latest login campaign, as well as some in-game events to keep you busy.

Epic vs. Apple Case: Judge Rules Apple Must Allow Third Party Payment Options

The Epic vs. Apple case now has a ruling (pending any possible appeal) and Apple must open up its model to allow for third-party in-app purchases.

Elyon Delayed, But Releasing as Free to Play in October

In an announcement today, the Elyon team announced that, due to the planned release in a busy MMO field, the game will now be released under a free to play model.

ArcheAge Celebrates 7th Anniversary and Brings Back Synthesis Event

ArcheAge is celebrating its 7th anniversary across ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained with events, giveaways, special 7th anniversary loot, a quest and more.

Fallout 76 Custom and Public Worlds are Live

The long awaited Public and Custom Worlds options are now live in the latest Fallout 76 update. 

Star Citizen Ship Marketing Has to Be Clearer After Ad Standards Complaint

Star Citizen has had a long and controversial road towards development, but the UK Advertising Standards Authority has admonished Cloud Imperium over how it promotes its concept ships.

The Cult of the Dragon Return in Neverwinter's Free Battle Pass in October

Neverwinter has some surprises in store with the Jewel of the North module. Launching on October 1st, Cult of the Dragon returns and there will be a free battle pass included along with other goodies to earn and unlock during the ongoing, changing campaign.