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Albion Online Details New Biomes, Personal Island and Farming Reworks Coming in Wild Blood Update

With the Wild Blood update set for October 16th, the Albion Online team has shared new details about the updates to islands and the farming rework on the way.

Star Citizen - Alpha 3.20: Fully Loaded Overhauls Arena Commander in a Big Way, Adds Ships, and New Mission

Star Citizen has just released Alpha 3.20, "Fully Loaded" and this is a big update, with new content, new maps, new ships, and a bunch of overhauls.

Tower of Fantasy Introduces Dancer, Secret Agent, and Flame Simulacrum, Fei Se

The next  simulacrum coming to Tower of Fantasy is Fei Se, a well-known dancer and a secret agent who gracefully wields flame powers using her lotus-shapedhttps://www.mmorpg.com/tower-of-fantasy weapon, Everlasting Bloom.

Diablo Immortal Dark Rebirth Update Adds Tristram Cathedral and New Team PvP

Tristram Cathedral is making its way into the next major Diablo Immortal update, Dark Rebirth. The update brings a new main quest, dungeon, new PvP mode, and even The Butcher drops by.

Land of the Morning Light and Woosa Awakening Coming to Black Desert Mobile September 26th

Black Desert Mobile  will finally get the Land Of The Morning Light expansion on September 26th. Along with the update, there will be a brand new season and Woosa Awakening.

Face the Lich King Himself When Icecrown Citadel Comes to Wrath of the Lich King Classic October 12th

On October 12th, face the Lich King himself as Icecrown Citadel opens in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Patch 3.4.3 will be live that week with new content.

New World Expansion Community Q&A Dives into Gear, Crafting, PTR Feedback, and Future Teases

Rise of the Angry Earth is coming in just about two weeks, and the New World team is answering some more community questions ahead of the expansion's release.

After a Year of Silence, The Last Oasis Team Gives An Update on the Game's Future

After a year of silence, the Last Oasis team has an update on their plans for the game, Season 6, modding support, and the future of official servers.

RuneScape Gives Timeframe on Daily Challenges Return, Adds Special Rewards to Ease the Wait

The RuneSCape team has an update on efforts to restore Daily Challenges and when we might expect them. There's also some new possible daily rewards to ease the transition, two Treasure Hunter updates, and more.

The Next Elder Scrolls Game Expected In or After 2026, Likely Xbox and PC Exclusive

According to legal case documents, the next Elder Scrolls game expected in or after 2026, and a possible Xbox/PC exclusive.

Ilysia Devs Discuss Opting For Early Access, Features to Come, and Realities of Independent MMO Development

The Ilysia team has shared another Tavern Talks stream, with updates from the team on their approach to community feedback, funding, Early Access, and some details on systems in the works.

Albion Online's Wild Blood Update Brings Tracking, Shapeshifting, and More on October 16th

Wild Blood, the next big content update for Albion Online, is coming October 16th. Expect shapeshifting, tracking, new Awakened items, and a number of reworks and updates.

Genshin Impact Update 4.1 Coming September 27th, Expanding Fontaine, Adding New Bosses and Deep Sea Adventure

Genshin Impact is getting version 4.1, "To the Stars Shining in the Depths", on September 27th. Expect  a new zone opening up in the northern area of Fontaine, new playable characters, new Archon Quest, and more

Palia Adds New Quests, Crops, Recipes, and Enables Friendship With Very Good Boy, Tau the Dog

 The Palia team continues updating the game and adding features since the open beta began. This time, there's a new series of hotfixes, plus some new furniture, new crops and recipes, and a whole new place to explore.

Honkai: Star Rail Coming to PlayStation 5 on October 11th, With Pre-Registration Campaign Open

HoYoverse will release its space fantasy RPG, Honkai: Star Rail, on PlayStation 5 on October 11th. The cross-progression release will feature enhanced graphics and audio. A pre-registration campaign has opened.