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Tower of Fantasy Previews Upcoming Vera Update With New Story Trailer Showing The Desert and Its Dangers

 Tower of Fantasy is offering a peek into the upcoming Vera expansion with a new trailer showing the desert terrain and some of the challenges, like huge field bosses, on the way.

Dune: Spice Wars Adds House Corrino and Several Reworks and Improvements to Balance Their Arrival

In its latest update, Shiro Games and Funcom have added House Corrino, the latest playable faction, to Dune: Spice Wars. The team is also marking having met the second of four milestones on its previously-announced roadmap.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Gets New Level Caps, An Equipment Imprint System, and Some New Events

With its latest update, Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has a new level cap increase, a new Imprint system for equipment, and a few new events to use these changes.

Mad World Closed Beta Was Promising, According to Jandisoft, Which Has a New Highlight Reel

The first closed beta test for Mad World ended this week, and developer Jandisoft released a beta highlights clip and reported a positive response.

Preorders Open for The Lord of the Rings Online's Mini Expansion, Before the Shadow

Before the Shadow, the upcoming mini-expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online, is now open for preorder. The content includes all new quests aimed at levels 1-32, with a Delving difficulty system to let higher levels increase difficulty, a new instance, new Skirmish, and two new regions.

Old School RuneScape Tweaks Tombs of Amascut and Wilderness Reworks, Opens Quest Speedrunning Beta

Old School RuneScape has made some changes to Tombs of Amascut, as well as opened up betas for the Quest Speedrun feature, Poison Dynamite, and rewards for the rework of the Wilderness boss.

World of Warcraft's First-Ever Individual Esports Competition, Solo Shuffle Showdown Happens This Weekend

Solo Shuffle is getting a spotlight with its first-ever esports tournament this weekend. This is also World of Warcraft's first-ever tournament where players compete as individuals.

New World Update 1.6.6 Coming Tonight With Bug Fixes and Server Stability Tweaks.

New World's latest update is mostly based around fixes to combat and AI, a bug affecting the Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition, some server stability-related tweaks, and more adjustments.

Forgotten Nightmares, Diablo Immortal's First Major Content Update Is Coming Next Week

The first major update for Diablo Immortal adds a new dungeon, overhauls Warbands significantly, with new modes, adds a new Helliquary boss, and much more.

Zenith: the Last City Adds New Event Quests and Cosmetic Gear, Improves Stability, and Accessibility

Zenith: The Last City has gotten its minor patch 1.19, which brings some new cosmetic gear and event quests, as well as fixes a number of issues.

Lost Ark Squashes A Few Bugs and Extends Honing Bonus Book Availability Before Next Week's Major Patch

Today, Lost Ark gets an update focused on fixes. This comes ahead of next week's recently-confirmed major update that will bring the Machinist advanced class and more to be revealed.

Torchlight: Infinite Brings David Brevik On Board as Consulting Producer Before Open Beta Arrives Oct 12th

In advance of next month's open beta, Torchlight: Infinite has added ARPG vet David Brevik, known for Diablo and Marvel Heroes, as consulting producer.

World of Warcraft Kicks off Brewfest, and Offers 'Visage Day', a Short Story to Read

Brewfest is back in World of Warcraft, with both Shadowlands and Wrath of the Lich King Classic celebrating. There's also a special short story available to read, taken from last year's compilation Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth.

Lost Ark Will Add The Machinist in Next Major Content Update September 28th

Lost Ark is adding the Machinist on September 28th in the next major content update. There's a new preview of the new advanced class' skills, from high tech suit to drone.

Dual Universe Gets Free Trial Server As Downtime Coming For Reset and Launch Next Week

Developer Novaquark is offering a new free Dual Universe trial via Steam and preparing to shut down the servers this week to wipe the server before launch on the 27th.