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Baldur's Gate 3 Adds Full Launch Mac Support and a Magic Mirror To Change Character Appearance

Baldur's Gate 3 is now available in full release for Mac users with the latest patch. The big update features a slew of fixes and improvements, along with the Magic Mirror to alter your character's appearance.

War Thunder Gets Hungarian Vehicles, New Map, and More, War Thunder Mobile More Realistic on New  iPhones

War Thunder Mobile will deliver hardware-accelerated ray tracing and more improvements on the brand new Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. Meanwhile, on PC, War Thunder gets its latest major update, with new Hungarian vehicles, a new map, and visual updates.

Microsoft-Activision Blizzard Deal Looks Likely to Pass UK Approval By October Deadline

The UK regulators seem satisfied with the revamped Microsoft proposal to acquire Activision Blizzard, making way for the deal's appeal by next month's deadline.

EVE Online Project Discovery Phase Four Announced, This Time to Help Researchers Study Immune Diseases

Phase four of Project Discovery,the collaboration between scientific researchers and the EVE Online community, is getting a phase four in 20240

Black Desert Online Devs Preview New Monster Zone, Prince Bareeds Quest, and War of the Roses Conquest War

Pearl Abyss has shared a brand new behind the scenes developer commentary on the new Ulukita monster zone and the upcoming War of the Roses Conquest War. 

New World Creative Director Talks Paths to Gear Score 700, Perks, Finding Artifacts, and More

Creative Director David Verfaillie answers questions on New World's expansion changes, where to find Artifacts, how to raise your gear score, perk overhauls, and more.

Sea of Thieves Getting Guilds, the First Competitive Voyage, and a Private Play Mode

Sea of Thieves is getting guilds in Season 10, along with new social and competitive ways to play. This and more was revealed today in a preview of the upcoming season, coming October 19th.

Black Desert Online Opens Permanent Season Servers, Adds New Season Items, and Updates on Great Ocean

Black Desert Online has opened up its permanent season servers, letting everyone join and graduate their characters when they're ready. The latest update also added  additional season related content, including new materials, and gifts, alongside fixes, and helpful tweaks. 

'Multi-World Gaming Experience' Everywhere Gets Its First Trailer, and Closed Alpha is on the Way

Open multiplayer experience Everywhere will hold its first closed alpha test. The team has also released the game's first trailer, featuring ways you can shape the world, and play with others.

Wayfinder Announces Atypical Hero, Grendel, With Teaser and Confirmation of Full Anime on the Way

The Wayfinder team has a new teaser for the next hero on the way, the atypical hero and berserker, Grendel. His teaser comes alongside news on a fuller animation due this year from animation vet Joaquim dos Santos.

Inkbound Adds Multiplayer Matchmaking, Improves Features in Mid-Season Update

The mid-season update for Inkbound is set for today, and introduces multiplayer matchmaking, an improved ping system, easier difficulty changes, and additional quality of life and system improvements.

Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 2 is Live Today

Age of War Chapter 2 goes live today in Conan Exiles. Included are the rework of purges, improvements to loot throughout, adjustments to combat and dungeons, and new cosmetics.

New World Has You Covered if You're Starting or Returning For Rise of the Angry Earth

With the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion launching October 3rd, New World has a new guide to let any new (or returning) players catch up on everything they need to know about Aeternum.

Brewfest Returns to World of Warcraft, With New Dragonflight Event Content This Year

Brewfest is back in World of Warcraft, this time with new event content from Dragonflight for the first time. The event is live today through October 6th and you can take part for some fun activities and prizes.

Lost Ark Debuts New Series of Jump-Start Guides and Details Today's New Ark Pass

The Lost Ark team has details on today's brand new Ark Pass and has recently introduced some guides to the new Jump-Start servers