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New World Will Re-Enable Trophy Crafting and Patch Exploits in Overnight Downtime

Amazon will hold downtime for New World to fix buff stacking exploit and re-enable trophy buffs tonight.

Cross-MMO Prequel Summoners War: Chronicles Will Release in North America in November

Summoners War: Chronicles Is a prequel to the RPG fantasy franchise from Com2uS and will be launching globally as a cross-platform MMORPG in November

Ultima Online Marked Its 25th Anniversary Over the Weekend With Events and A Special Shield

Saturday, September 24th, was the 25th anniversary of the release of Ultima Online. There were community events, official events, and commemoration across the internet, including from Raph Koster.

Black Desert Online Will Get a Mysterious New Continent in October, a New Region in Development, and More

The Heidel Ball for Black Desert Online brought some new content details, including a surprising new continent next month that changes the rules, a region in development, a new co-op dungeon, and much more.

RuneScape Opens Its Fresh Start Worlds Today, Offering a Clean Slate For Members to Start Anew

Today, RuneScape opens up its Fresh Start worlds, offering members the chance to start fresh with a clean slate and new economy on these accelerated progression servers through early January.

A Q4 Roadmap Goal, The Elder Scrolls Online Getting Simplified Chinese Version With Update 36

When Update 36 arrives, The Elder Scrolls Online will get a Simplified Chinese version, extending the audience for the game, as ZeniMax completes its Q4 roadmap.

Pre-Registration Campaign With Rewards Opens For Upcoming Blockchain-Based Dekaron G

Pre-registration has begun for Dekaron G, the latest reboot of an older MMORPG, in this case the original Dekaron. The game is the global rebrand of Dekaron M, which is on mobile in Korea. 

New World Patches Exploits and Gives Details On How They Will Reopen Trading Soon

Player trading is still disabled in New World for now, but Amazon patched the game and says top priority is getting things back to normal for players soon.

Diablo II: Resurrected Adds Terror Zones and Quality of Life Fixes With Patch 2.5

Today, Diablo II: Resurrected gets Terror Zones and some fixes with Patch 2.5. With the patch out, Ladder Season 2 is cleared for next week.

Last Oasis Cleans Up Rarity Some More, Promises Sleeping Dogs Next Week and Looks Towards More S5 Work

Last Oasis has gotten an update that cleans up a previous update, and makes additional changes. The game is still finding its footing after being revamped completely.

UPDATED: Dungeons and Dragons Online Downtime Extends to Second Day

Yesterday, the latest patch for Dungeons & Dragons Online caused an issue with Reincarnation Caches, leading the devs to bring the servers down for a fix. Downtime has lasted for nearly 24 hours.

New World Temporarily Disables Player to Player Trading to Halt Exploiting While They Create a Fix

The New World team was notified of a major trading exploit that they were yet unaware about. As a result, they needed to disable player training while they work on correcting the issue as a precautionary step.

The Waffenträger: Legacy Brings a Favorite Vehicle and 6v1 Challenge Back to World of Tanks

World of Tanks is bringing back a community favorite starting next week in The Waffenträger Legacy. The event begins September 26th and runs through October 10th.

The Elder Scrolls Online Team To Stream a Deep Dive into Firesong With The Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event

The yearlong saga of the Legacy of the Bretons is coming to a close with the upcoming Firesong DLC, and The Elder Scrolls Online team will hold a deep dive stream next Friday.

Chimeraland Will Add Underwater Housing, a Merfolk Event, and Faster Ways to Batch Devour Monsters

The latest Chimeraland update continues the ocean themes, with underwater castles and the Merfolk Hymn event. there's also underwater player housing, a new blueprint system, and a faster way to devour monsters.