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Nightingale Will Hold a Server Stress Test Early Next Year, Before February Early Access Launch

Nightingale will get a big server stress test in "early 2024" in order to prepare for the Early Access launch in February. 

MapleStory New Age Update is Here, With Major Changes, But Not Those Controversial Progression Caps

MapleStory's New Age update is here, with the 6th Job advancement, progression changes intended to help newer and more casual players, and a slate of other major changes.

Frontier Developments to Refocus on Sims After Diversifying Offerings Fell Short, Will Support Elite Dangerous

Frontier Developments is going back to its roots, declaring the company will return to focusing on sims, which brought the company its original string of successes. This comes after efforts to diversify the studio's offerings were not as successful as they hoped.

Mortal Online 2's Massive Unreal Engine 5 Update is Here, Along With New High Risk, High Reward Zones

Mortal Online 2 is now running on Unreal Engine 5 and has ushered in its version 2.0.0. The upgrade isn't just visual, as the team had to rebuild and repair the game world during the process, but the team is optimistic.

Guild Wars 2 Opens Expanded Weapon Proficiency Beta Today

Guild Wars 2's Expanded Weapon Proficiency beta is now open, letting all testers get a taste of upcoming additional build options like pistol Elementalist, or sword Necromancer.

Embracer Group Restructuring Hits Fishlabs With About 50 Layoffs

Embracer Group's restructuring efforts have hit another of the company's studios. This time, around 50 employees have been let go from Fishlabs, a studio known for Galaxy on Fire and bringing Valheim to Xbox.

Naraka Bladepoint Reaches 40 Million Players, Sets Date for Naraka Fest and 2024 Roadmap

Naraka: Bladepoint has crossed a new milestone of 40 million unique players. The multiplatform battle royale game is also preparing for events and a 2024 roadmap reveal in December.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Opens, With New Dungeon, Weekly Story Mission, and a Witcher Collaboration

Season of the Wish, the final Lightfall season, is here for Destiny 2. Expect weekly story missions, a new Witcher collaboration, a new dungeon, group finder, and more to lead into The Final Shape.

NCsoft and Sony Interactive Sign 'Strategic Partnership' Deal, Could Horizon MMORPG Rumor Become Reality?

Sony Interactive Entertainment and NCSoft have announced a new "strategic partnership" that will cover "various global business fields, including mobile". 

Latest New World Community Q&A Covers Lessons Learned from Rise of the Angry Earth And Season 4

The latest New World community Q&A is out, and the team covers lessons learned from Season 3 and Rise of the Angry Earth, endgame, gear, progression challenges, and more. There's also a behind the scenes look at Artifacts.

BitCraft Team Details Changes Towards Goal of Interdependence and Private, Non-Instanced Player Spaces

The BitCraft team is reflecting on how their initial vision for a big shared, player-created world has evolved a bit to support greater collaboration.

Gameforge is Bringing Update 2.5: Lady Siel's Call to AION Classic This Year

Update 2.5: Lady Siel's Call, is coming later this year for Gameforge's AION Classic. The update brings several new instances, new mechanics, the Combat Talent System, and more updates and improvements to content and quests.

CCP Announces Phase II Playtest for Upcoming Blockchain EVE-Universe Project Awakening

As CCP Games expands the EVE Online universe with new projects, upcoming AAA blockchain game, Project Awakening, seeks phase 2 playtesters.

Mortal Online 2 Unreal Engine 5 Patch Coming Tomorrow, With Preview Stream and Q&A Today

Mortal Online 2's big Unreal Engine 5 update will finally be here tomorrow, and Star Vault is preparing for the game's biggest update ever.

New World Server Merges To Begin in Response to Population Dips After Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion

The New World team begins a round of server merges intended to follow population dips following the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion in October.