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Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Opens Up Cross-Server Competition and Marks 200 Days Since Launch

With its most recent update, Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has added Cross-Field, a way to compete against players from other servers for loot and glory. The game is also holding events to mark 200 days since launch.

Today, Path of Exile Will Get a Full Reveal Livestream for The Forbidden Sanctum

The Forbidden Sanctum, Path of Exile's next big expansion content, will get full reveals on a special livestream today.

Mad World Reveals Monsters and Creepy, Atmospheric Settings in New Video Clips

Mad World developer Jandisoft has revealed some new monsters and previewed the game's creepy, atmospheric settings in new video clips.

New Faction Contracts Might Earn You 'Prestige' in the Next Prosperous Universe Update

The Prestige update for Prosperous Universe is coming December 6th, and will introduce faction contracts. These common, uncommon, and rare contracts will be random and some may be uniquely rewarding for success.

ArcheAge Reveals More Details on the Fresh Start Servers Opening December 15th

Fresh Start servers will open on December 15th for ArcheAge. Kakao Games released details on the bonuses, competitions, and rules, as well as a new dog battle pet to claim.

Shared-World Survival Game Nightingale Gets Intel Partnership, and Will Be at The Game Awards

Upcoming shared-world survival game Nightingale will be showing off new gameplay and features at The Game Awards next week. Developer Inflexion also announced a partnership with Intel.

Diablo Immortal Devs Tease Upcoming Features, With Next Major Update Coming December 14th

The latest developer Q&A for Diablo Immortal revealed the next major update is coming December 14th, and will feature a new zone, new Helliquary option, face re-customization option, new farming areas, and so much more.

Wizard101 Adds Novus, a New World Inspired By Surrealist Art, and New Mechanics for Flexible Builds

Wizard101 has introduced a mysterious new world called Novus. The world is inspired by surrealist art, and is part of the big fall update for the long-running MMO.

World of Warcraft Hotfixes Address Dragonflight Glitches

Blizzard's latest round of hotfixes further closed out Shadowlands, and the rest addressed a bunch of Dragonflight quest and ability bugs.

Fatshark's First-Person Co-op Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is Out on PC Today

Fatshark's first-person co-op title, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide has launched on PC today.

The Lord of the Rings Online Tweaks PvMP, and Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave Opens on Dec 1st

Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave is coming tomorrow to The Lord of the Rings Online for Before the Shadow owners. Update 34.0.1 has been released, with a number of fixes, items, PvMP tweaks, and other changes. 

Lost Ark Weekly Fixes a Number of Issues and the Team Addresses Disconnects

The weekly update for Lost Ark is all about fixes, with a number of issues taken care of, but the team reiterates more work is happening on the disconnect issue.

Tactical RPG Marvel's Midnight Suns Launches Friday,  Reveals Hulk in Launch Trailer

Marvel's Midnight Suns is set for release on Friday, and today, Firaxis and 2K Games revealed not only the game's launch trailer, but the 13th and final playable hero for the base game - Hulk.

Blizzard Updates on Dragonflight Issues and Ongoing Work to Fix Them

Blizzard has updated on Dragonflight launch issues. The World of Warcraft team has fixed the major standout issues, but will work to release additional fixes soon.

Guild Wars 2's Newest Major Balance Patch is Here, With Lots of Class Tuning

The latest round of balance changes are out for Guild Wars 2, following the initial release a couple of weeks ago by the team to let the community weigh in on proposed tweaks.